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Top Pests to Watch Out for In the Summer

Most people look forward to summer, the days get longer and brighter, the weather is warmer, and the world generally feels brighter. It can be a good opportunity to try new things and enjoy the great outdoors.

However, summer also brings a lot more pests. The rodents and other creatures that have been dormant throughout the winter months are ready to enjoy the warmer weather as well, and they can be a nuisance or dangerous.

image - Top Pests to Watch Out for In the Summer
Top Pests to Watch Out for In the Summer

It’s important you know what pests to look out for. Part of this is checking out the pest control near me and talking to them about localized threats.

They are the ones that know your area best and will be able to advise regarding which pests are prevalent in a given year.

You can find out more info about your local specialist and get them to inspect your property, which will help you to protect against these pests.


Mosquitoes are small but make a distinctive sound as they fly near your head. Only the female ones bite as they need your blood for their eggs.

Unfortunately, mosquitoes can carry an array of diseases, that’s why you should avoid having standing water in your yard and use mosquito repellant when outside.

Black Widow Spider

The Black Widow is famous for eating her mate after copulation. They are venomous and their bite will give you muscle aches, nausea, and may even cause trouble breathing. The good news is they are rarely fatal.

They are approximately the size of a paperclip and are black with two triangles on their back. Keep clutter to a minimum to avoid attracting them to your home.

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Tarantulas can live for up to thirty years and gradually increase in size. Some can grow as large as a small pizza!

The good news is that although alarming to see, tarantulas in the US are considered harmless. Their bite is painful and they do have venom.

But, it only causes pain and a rash. Of course, you should still monitor it and seek medical help if needed.


If you have allergies then a bee is a serious matter. An allergic reaction can be life-threatening. However, for most people, it is simply painful.

But, there is something called an Africanized bee which is slightly smaller than the standard bee. They are golden with dark brown bands.

The main difference with these is that they will attack in greater numbers, potentially causing a nasty reaction and certainly plenty of pain.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are distinctive in that they are a dark red color and slightly larger than the traditional black ant. They are called fire ants as they will bite and when they do it stings in the same way as if you had been burned.

In addition, if you suffer from allergies you’ll find that they can trigger these, potentially causing serious issues.

It is best to keep food contained and your house clean to avoid attracting them.


Wasps are usually more aggressive than bees as they can sting repeatedly. That means it can be a real issue even with just a few wasps in your yard. Again, allergies make this a greater issue.

You need to check your home before the summer begins and eliminate any voids that will allow them to create a nest. If you see them starting to build one knock it down early.

Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse has a body approximately half an inch long and is a dark brown color with a violin shape on its body. It prefers to stay out of the way and you are unlikely to see one unless you accidentally disturb its nest.

However, they are venomous and will bite in self-defense. The amount of venom is small and will sting. You’ll also get a white blister that can last as long as three weeks.


In the hotter parts of the country, you’ll find scorpions. They like it dry and hot. There are many varieties of the scorpion but two are considered venomous and dangerous.

When they sting it feels like a bee sting. In some cases that is all it will feel like, in others, it can be much more serious.

If you are at risk of scorpions keep your clothes off the floor, your bed away from the wall, and put lavender on your windowsills.


Ticks hide in long grass and then step onto you as you brush past. They suck your blood and then fall off when they are full. However, they do carry diseases.

Therefore, if you have been in the long grass check your body thoroughly. They can take up to four hours to stay feeding and won’t pass diseases in the early stages.

But, you should remove them carefully to ensure they are whole. Leaving a piece of them in you will allow any disease to spread and cause localized infection.

Stay vigilant and you can defeat these pests before they attack you!

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