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7 Ways to Efficiently Warm Your Home

As the cold months are about to seep in, people would start slowly taking out their jackets and sweater from the closet, dust off their warm boots, and prepare their homes for the upcoming winter.

This will be the time when most people would spend more time indoors than outside. And most of all, this is also the time wherein homeowners would receive higher energy bills.

As much as you want to warm up your home and keep everyone comfortable and cozy during the cold months, you’re also a bit hesitant as you want to save money from paying too much on your energy bills.

Thankfully, there are ways to help you save some money while keeping yourselves warm.

image - 7 Ways to Efficiently Warm Your Home
7 Ways to Efficiently Warm Your Home

Here are seven ways you can efficiently warm up your home:

1. Use Heavy Curtain

Perhaps during the summer, the weather’s too hot so you insisted on using ultra-thin curtains or none at all.

This way, the air from the outside can easily come in and out of your house to provide ventilation and reduce the indoor heat.

On the other hand, it’s a good idea to switch your ultra-thin curtains for heavier and thicker ones during the colder months.

Keep in mind that you’re trying to preserve as much heat inside the house, and using thin curtains will only let the heat escape.

So, take out those heavy, lined curtains you’ve been keeping in your drawers and use them to insulate your windows and preserve the heat inside.

2. Install a Fireplace

Aside from the heating system, one of the famous sources of heat you often see in the movies is the fireplace. No appliance can emit the kind of warmth a fire can only produce.

Not only does it provide a comfy warmth in your home, but it’s also aesthetically appealing and can be an excellent centerpiece in your living room.

There are various types of fireplaces, but for homeowners with a modern living space, you may opt for a gas log fire heater to perfectly match the aesthetic. You’ll have a warmer home with a romantic and cozy setting for the family to enjoy.

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3. Put the Sofa On the Side

Whether you have a gas log fireplace, a heating system, or a radiator, your first instinct may perhaps tell you to put your sofa right in front of your heat source for the best feeling.

This can work if you’re living alone in the house. But if you’re living with your family or children, this may not be a good idea.

If you put a sofa right in front of your heat source, your seating will only absorb the heat into itself, which could’ve helped warm your home.

As a result, you’re unknowingly wasting the energy from pumping heat which only goes towards your sofa.

To ensure the entire house remains warm and well-heated, move your sofa on the side and let the heat spread and circulate to the rest of the house.

But then again, if you’re living alone, then there’s no problem keeping the heat all to yourself.

4. Seal Gaps and Cracks

As the cold months are approaching, make sure you take your time to check your house thoroughly for any gaps and cracks on the walls, windows, doors, or ceiling.

These can adversely affect your energy bill as the heat will escape without you knowing it.

You can seal these cracks and gaps using weather strips, gap fillers, or a door snake. You can get these at your nearest hardware store for an affordable price.

5. Use a Smart Thermostat

Your thermostat can help keep track of your home’s temperature to ensure it always stays warm. But for better comfort, you can use a smart thermostat instead.

image - Use a Smart Thermostat

This one is programmable in which you can set it to higher temperatures before you wake up or before you return home. Not only are you improving your home’s comfort, but you’re also saving energy.

6. Close Unused Rooms

Another great way to keep the heat on the intended areas is by closing the doors of the unused rooms.

For instance, if no one is using the laundry room or the bedrooms, it might be best to close them all to prevent the heat from circulating through these rooms and reducing the heat from the living room. Feel free to open them once you or your family members will use the area.

7. Maintain Your Heaters

Perhaps you’re wondering why your home isn’t as warm as you expected despite having the heater continuously operating the entire day.

In that case, it might have to do with the heaters’ lack of maintenance. Whether you’re using your heaters every day or occasionally, dust and dirt can accumulate the filters and eventually reduce the heat it produces.

Getting your heaters maintained and cleaned by professionals can go a long way towards extending your heaters’ life and keep them running efficiently.

Bottom Line

Like it or not, the cold months are bound to happen. Fortunately, you have the power to control how warm your house can be.

Aside from trying out these tips, don’t forget to efficiently warm yourselves with the proper clothing for optimal comfort.

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