A finished basement is a great way to add functionality and style to your home. It may not look like much, but an experienced designer and contractor can help you execute the perfect project to fit your lifestyle.

At Firmbuilt Contracting and Design, they are not only experts in finished basements, but the kitchen, bathroom, and home renovations.

They will take every aspect of your project and turn it into something to be proud of.

image - 6 Ways to Expand Your Home with a Finished Basement

6 Ways to Expand Your Home with a Finished Basement

Rent Out Space

Finishing your basement to create living space is a great opportunity to provide rental income.

You have the possibility of tapping into your home’s existing plumbing to provide kitchen and bathroom necessities.

And if your basement has an exterior home entrance, tenets can live completely separate from the rest of the house.

You can use rental income to pay off mortgage debt, build a nest egg, or live the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Create an Extra Bedroom

Is your family expanding, or is your living space feeling a little cramped? An extra bedroom in the basement is less expensive than buying a larger house.

Moving can be hard for anyone, especially if you’ve put down roots. By creating extra living space in the basement, you can stay close to the people you love and avoid the traumatic experience of having to start over in a new place.

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Convert it Into a Game Room

Game rooms are a great way to keep your kids’ playthings from spilling into all areas of the house.

Even if your children are of different ages and various stages of play, you can create a shared space.

Section off a game room with cubbies, a rug, and a table for younger kids to play and do the artwork.

In another area of the room, you can add a couch, TV, and gaming console for older kids who enjoy video games. Everyone gets a space for themselves, and you get to reclaim your house.

Bar or Wine Cellar

Basements offer a lot of valuable space. So, if you like to entertain, this could be a great place to move the party.

Many homeowners create their very own bar with a wine cellar, even a small humidor.

All you have to do is finish it off with comfortable seating and you’ve got the perfect party space.

Turn it Into a Home Office

If you work from home, finding a quiet place to be productive can be a challenge.

Well-meaning family members may come in during work hours to ask questions, bring something to your attention, or just say hi.

Even background noise can create problems with your productivity. A finished basement can give you privacy away from the rest of your home.

And, if you meet with clients, you can create a professional spot to meet that allows you to keep your home life separate from your professional life.

Design a Home Gym

Ditch the expensive gym membership and design a fully functional home gym instead.

You will have plenty of space to add equipment that focuses on all of your fitness goals.

Weight machines and dumbbells can be added for strength training, while treadmills and ellipticals are great for cardio.

You can even include areas for yoga and meditation. Instead of leaving early, or coming home late from work (then having to use a public shower), you’ll have everything you need in your home gym to stay healthy.

The best part of any basement remodel is you can even create combo projects.

Do you need a small space for your home office, but want a home gym? Divide the basement into both.

Are the kids moving out and the extra bedroom is going unused? Consider renting out the room.

With the versatility they provide, there’s no need to let your basement space go to waste.