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6 Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Property

There is a lot of sentiment attached to a home. The place where we grow up, create memories with our family, fight with our siblings, and celebrate all holidays.

This is why there is so much consideration that goes behind buying a home. People evaluate a lot of things before they invest their hard-earned money into a new home.

image - 6 Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Property
6 Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Property

One of the most important factors that a home buyer considers when purchasing a residential property is its curb appeal.

The curb appeal is the set of attributes of a property that make its exterior seem attractive at first look. A property that has ideal curb appeal has more chances of getting a better selling price.

So how can home sellers boost the curb appeal of their property? Here are six easy ways to do so:

1. Look At the Bigger Picture

We see our home every day which is why there is so much that we fail to notice. There are small defects that we get used to and forget to take care of.

Such things get easily noticed by someone walking into your property for the first time.

So go stand outside your home and try to notice all the things a prospective buyer will notice. If you see anything that will ruin their first impression, replace it or fix it.

2. Get the Garden Cleaned Thoroughly

So many of us overlook our gardens to the point that the overgrown weeds and other rubbish become normal for us.

Your garden should be so well maintained that the home buyer can see themselves spending time in it in the future.

Find an experienced gardener or landscaper and get your garden groomed. The minute the home buyer walks in they will notice how pleasant it looks and it will boost the curb appeal magnanimously.

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3. Add a Few Plants

Not all homes have a garden. But a little greenery always makes a place look more homely and welcoming.

So you can find some easy-to-maintain plants and add them near the entryway or on the side of the walk leading to the porch.

If you can include some flowering trees, it will add lots of curb appeal to your property. Just make sure not to plant them too close to the home foundation as the roots may damage it. You can just get some colorful flower boxes and place them between the plants you have added to the front yard.

4. Add Some Color

A freshly painted house always looks attractive. It makes your property look relatively newer. Whether you want to color it pastel or make it bold, choose what works best.

Consider adding the same color to your garden fence and entry gate too. Don’t forget to clean off all the dirty spots before you start the paint job.

5. Add Some Outdoor Furniture

When someone passes by your home and sees you having a cup of tea on your porch, it always makes the home seem cozy and appealing.

So add some furniture on the porch so homebuyers can sit there and discuss things with you.

It doesn’t have to be very elaborate or expensive. Just make sure it is comfortable. Add some bright and clean cushions to the furniture to make it look more welcoming.

6. Add Extra Lighting

Take things to the next level by adding some extra outdoor lighting to liven up the porch space. Make sure the lights you choose are modern and not big and chunky.

Also, pick lights that are easy to install and add a lot of brightness. This will make the outdoors look plush without costing you too much.


If you don’t want to spend on improving the curb appeal and want to sell your home quickly, you can get in touch with local home buyers who can get you top dollar for your residential property.

For instance, if you look for home buying companies in Spokane, HomeFront is one of the best options you will come across.

They make it easy for you by buying your property and giving you quick cash for it.

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