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5 Ways to Make Extra Income off Land You Already Own

Do you have land you are not using?

Letting your land sit vacant can be a money waster. Not only do you have to continue to pay for the maintenance of the land, but you are also not making any money from your property.

image - 5 Ways to Make Extra Income off Land You Already Own
5 Ways to Make Extra Income off Land You Already Own

While you may think the value of land comes from the structures that are built on it, undeveloped land still holds value. Vacant land is an asset, one you should be used to generate extra income.

You can consider some creative ways to make money off your land, for instance, host bee colonies, provide camping amenities, make an open air cinema or start a flea market.

If you are a landowner and who is looking for ways to make extra income, this short and simple guide is for you.

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1. Gardening Plots

One way to earn extra income is to rent out gardening plots. You can start a local community garden, or you can rent out plots to gardening enthusiasts in your area.

This is a great way to earn extra money if your land is near apartments, condominiums, or other residential spaces without room for a garden.

2. Subdividing

While there are many ways to make money by renting out your land, you should also consider subdividing land and selling it. This happens when you divide your land into several pieces and sell it off, piece by piece.

Subdividing is ideal for those who don’t want the responsibility of the land but want to earn as much as possible during the sale.

3. Campground

An ideal way to make extra money from your land is to turn it into a campground. This is a great way to maintain the integrity of the land while allowing others to enjoy all that raw and natural land has to offer.

Starting a campground is not as complicated as you might think and it can be very profitable for the landowner.

4. Net Metering

Net metering is selling electricity back to the grid. You can install solar panels on your property and sell the electricity you generate for a profit.

Net metering is an eco-friendly way to earn money from your vacant property.

5. Bee Colonies

An interesting way to make money from your land is to host bee colonies. You can rent out plots to beekeepers who will then build bee colonies on your land.

This is a great way to help save the bees while earning extra income. As a bonus, you’ll have access to fresh and delicious honey.

These Are the Ways to Make Extra Income With Your Land

Consider using one or more of these ways to make extra income with your land.

You can rent out gardening plots or subdivide the land and sell it. You can also turn it into a campground or host bee colonies. If you don’t want to rent out or sell your land, consider installing solar panels and making money through net metering.

If you have extra land, consider one of these options to make extra money.

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