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5 Ways to Prepare and Protect your Roof for and from a Storm

Storms are inevitable. We don’t have control over them and when they happen, they can cause severe damage.

That is why it is crucial to make sure that your roof and your home are protected from the storm and that you are ready for whenever it happens. Here is what you need to do;

image - 5 Ways to Prepare and Protect your Roof for and from a Storm
5 Ways to Prepare and Protect your Roof for and from a Storm

Fasten Your Doors and Windows

You want to make sure that your doors and windows are well secured. If any debris and other even worse materials are flying through the air, they could easily break your window and it can increase the pressure in your house, and cause your roof to fly too.

This may be prevented by ensuring no materials are flying inside your house during a storm. You can take it a step further to cover your windows with plywood.

Inspect your Roof before the Storm

When the roof is old or already has some damages, it is easy to be carried away during harsh downpours and winds.

But when it is in good condition with no loopholes and space for more damage, then you can be sure of safety.

Make sure to inspect your roof before the storm. Detect any possible damage and make the necessary repairs.

Cut the Branches Around your Home

Trees around your house and shading your roof are other risk factors during a storm. In strong winds, the branches are going to be whipping your roof and the sides of your house, adding pressure to the roof foundation system, and may cause more than roof damage.

You should especially be cautious of your roof edges; this is where protection for airlift is.

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Secure any Items and Furniture in your Yard

Anything in your yards, gardens, and compound will be flying all over during strong winds and heavy downpours.

And they fly in no specific direction. This means the direction could be your door, windows, and cause damage.

Your house is not the only one that suffers during a storm, make sure to also stow your car and safely store the furniture on your patio.

Inspect your Roof After the Storm

Another protective measure for your roof is to inspect your roof after the storm. It should be no surprise that there could be damages made during the storm, which should be minimal to none if you took all the protective measures before the storm.

Damage may not show immediately, which may cause even greater damage when they start to show. An inspection helps you detect any possible damage and sort it out before it becomes a greater issue.

Consult your Roofing Expert

Of course, you want to be sure that your roof can handle the storm. Check out for your best storm guard roofing Nashville professional and consult with them.

Get the necessary advice and take the necessary measures in advance

The Different Types of Severe Weather and Storms

There are different weather conditions that happen in different capacities and intensities at different times of the year.

Some seasons we are prepared for while others are unexpected. Here are some of the storms you are preparing your roof for;


Hails are irregular lumps of ice (hailstones) (usually confused with ice pellets, which they are not) that fall mostly in cold weather.

They can cause dings in gutters and shingles, crack vinyl sidings and wood sakes, and even puncture your roof.

High Winds

High winds are also one of the major elements of roof damages. The effects wind speed of up to 90 mph (miles per hour) can cause are dangerous for your roof.

They can rip your roof right off your house and make a giant parachute out of them. Other damages you will notice from high winds include loosening shingles, blown-off shingles, punctures of the roof, gutter damage, and more.

Heavy Rains

Heavy rains are also not exceptional and should be well prepared for. The effects may cause loose or/ and damaged shingles, dents, gutter damage, and more.

Penetration of water into your home will also surely cause more than just roof damage and affect the general structural integrity of the house.

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