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How to Assess the Damage to Your Roof after a Storm?

We have all had days when we had to stay home due to bad weather. We could hear the wind swooshing outside, and the rain beating down on the roof.

We could see the trees sway and debris fly all around. During those times, we have always been thankful for the roof protecting us from the crazy weather outside.

How to Assess the Damage to Your Roof after a Storm
How to Assess the Damage to Your Roof After a Storm

However, we rarely stop to think about the health of our roof that takes all the beating. A storm can cause flying debris including branches and stray building material to hit the shingles.

How to Assess the Damage to Your Roof After a Storm?

It is imperative to learn how to spot roof damage immediately after a storm. If the winds were stronger than 50 mph, you might want to check the condition of your roof.

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Inspect the Damages

Hailstorms, thunderstorms, and hurricanes can tear the shingles right off the roofs. They can cause trees or branches to fall on the roofs causing breaks. Here is how you can spot the damage to your roof:

  • Inspect the roof after the storm for any water damage. Persisting water stains after the rain has stopped can be signs of water damage, especially if you spot wet patches on your ceiling and walls.
  • You can check for signs of storm damage from the ground. Search for shingles, broken metal pieces from around the chimney, and missing metal fascia.
  • Assess the valleys and outer edges of the roof. Check the condition of your exhaust pipes and the angles where the roof meets the walls. If you see cracks and missing pieces, you need to check with the most reliable Avon roofing
  • Some unfortunate homes suffer extensive damage from trees and heavy branches falling on the roof.

If something similar happens to you too, stay outside till a professional roofer can assess the safety of your home. You might want to spend the night in a motel if necessary.

  • If it was a hailstorm, check for siding damage as well as shingle damage. Hail damage produces typical dimples on the outer layers of the shingles.

Most importantly, you need to stay safe during and after a storm. If your roof sustains extensive damage during a hurricane or a hailstorm, it might not remain strong enough to protect you in the future.

You need to assess the strength of the roof immediately after strong winds. If you are unable to climb onto the roof safely or spend enough time assessing the damage, hire professionals, who offer free first consultations and free assessments.

If you have home insurance, you should call your insurance agent for the evaluation of the situation. It will help you understand whether you should file for damages.

A typical roof replacement can cost between $4500 and $15000, but the cost depends on several factors including the service charges of the roofers and the quality of the material you choose.

You need to make the best choices to keep your loved ones safe for decades to come. Begin by selecting the best roofer in Avon.

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