We all want a chill bedroom that makes us feel peaceful, helps us to relax and encourages a good night’s sleep.

For some people, creating a chill vibe comes naturally. For others, it requires a bit more effort and works.

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Ways to Add a Chill Vibe to Your Bedroom

Yet, there are simple, quick steps you can take to make your bedroom the most chill spot in your home.

Ready to learn how?

Here’s how to add a chill vibe to your bedroom, no matter big or small your budget may be.

Dim the Lights

A bright fluorescent light bulb over your bed is the exact opposite of a chill. If you want your bedroom to invoke a calm and soothing vibe, get rid of harsh, bright lighting.

But how, you ask?

Here are some ideas:

  • You can swap out an overhead lighting fixture for soft pendant lights.
  • You can replace the bright white bulbs in your table lamps with soft wattage bulbs or bulbs in soothing colors.
  • You can turn off the lights altogether and create some ambiance with candles.

If you decorate your bedroom with candles, we recommend the flameless ones that run on batteries.

They have the same effect as real candles, but they won’t heat your room or start a fire if you forget to blow them out before you fall asleep.

When you do need bright light, let it be natural light. Just pull open your curtains and let the sunshine in!

Decorate With Chill Colors

When it’s time to make some chill color choices, opt for pale shades that are soothing rather than stimulating.

Bright colors might make for a fun and funky kid’s room, but they don’t make for a chill adult bedroom.

Instead, stick to neutral colors such as white, tan, and grey or opt for light hues such as pale blue or light green.

If you want your room to look a bit more dramatic, opt for dark tones in neutral shades of brown, blue, or gray.

Decorate With Plants, Flowers, and Fresh Greenery

Give your bedroom a chill, natural feel by bringing a bit of the outdoors indoors.

Fresh flowers, potted plants, and swags of greenery are all great ways to bring some natural beauty into a bedroom.

Try these fun ideas to add chill greenery to your bedroom:

  • Place a few plants on your windowsill.
  • Add a vase of fresh flowers by your bedside.
  • Drape a green swag over the headboard or footboard of your bed.

Houseplants and flowers have many health benefits, such as helping to improve your mood and your home’s air quality.

And there’s nothing more chill than being happy, calm, stress-free, and breathing clean air!

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Keep it Neat

There’s nothing chill about a big old mess.

Clutter creates a feeling that’s the opposite of calm, so spend some time decluttering your room and creating an organized closet system.

By putting organizational methods in place, you’re less likely to end up with a pile of clothes on the floor or a heap of shoes piled up in the corner.

Start the process of decluttering by creating three piles: donate, trash, and keep. Get rid of everything you don’t need, don’t want, or don’t wear.

If need be, pare down your wardrobe and shoe collection and keep only what fits in your closet.

Then buy stackable bins and storage boxes to help you organize those items behind your closed closet door.

A neat room also requires a neat bed, so get in the habit of making your bed daily, the moment you get up.

Add a Reading Nook

You don’t have to be a book-a-week reader or belong to a book club to enjoy a reading nook.

A reading nook can also be a chill spot to catch up on your social media scrolling, play games on your phone, or check work emails in a comfy, relaxing space.

You can create a reading nook by hanging a chair in the corner or placing a chaise lounge in front of a window.

The trick is to carve out a spot that’s just for reading, sipping coffee, or doing whatever it is that helps you to chill out.

Don’t have any extra space in your bedroom? That’s okay — your bedroom reading nook can even be outside.

If you have a terrace or balcony outside your bedroom, add some potted plants and a comfy outdoor chair.

Taking the time to create a great outdoor space will only make your home even more chill!

Decorate With Patterns and Prints

When choosing bedding, rugs, and other textiles for your bedroom, don’t pass up the opportunity to incorporate prints and patterns.

Patterned rugs, curtains, and throw pillows can easily add a cozy, laid-back vibe to your bedroom. This goes regardless of your style and décor choices.

Instead of going with matchy-matchy prints, look for coordinating and complementary patterns.

Your bedroom will look even more chill if you get creative and mix and match unexpected patterns together.

The secret to mixing patterns well is to keep them in a similar color family. Too many colors and prints together can be a distraction, but multiple prints in the same color palette can be quite soothing and pleasing to the eye.

Make it Smell Good

No matter what your personal style is, there’s one rule of chill bedroom decorating:

Make it smell good!

Fresh flowers and potted plants are a superb way to add a natural scent to your bedroom, but there are other ways to do so.

Love the scent of lavender or cedar or citrus? Add an aromatherapy diffuser to your nightstand and enjoy the power of essential oils.

Love that fresh linen scent when you take your sheets out of the dryer? Get a plug-in air freshener or a linen room spray in a linen scent so that your room always smells clean and fresh.

And be sure to change your sheets and bedding often (weekly washing is the norm).


There are many ways to create chill bedroom vibes, but the most crucial step is to clean and keep things neat. Chill isn’t any particular look … It’s a mood. It’s a feeling!

So, before you start carving out a reading nook, decorating with plants, or hanging new curtains, address your mess and start with a clean slate.

Just getting rid of the clutter will make you feel much more relaxed and make your bedroom much chiller than it currently is.

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