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What Is the Best Paint to Use on Kitchen Cabinets?

Replacing your old kitchen cabinets can be expensive, but a fresh coat of paint can give your cabinets a new high-end design cheaply.

You can spruce up the entire look of your kitchen with a coat of fresh paint for your cabinets.

image - What Is the Best Paint to Use on Kitchen Cabinets
What Is the Best Paint to Use On Kitchen Cabinets

But you should only use quality paint products that will last for a long time and deliver a cleaner finish.

Painting your kitchen cabinet is the easiest, most cost-efficient, and quickest way to give your kitchen a makeover.

You can contact an experienced paint contractor in Connecticut Elite Finishing LLC to paint your kitchen cabinets, and they have a wide range of options you can choose from. They can help you choose the right paint as per your cabinet’s style.

Common Types of Kitchen Cabinet Paint

Latex, Water Enamel Paint

Are you wondering whether you should choose old-school oil paint or latex paint for your kitchen cabinet?

Latex paint is considered the best for kitchen cabinets as it is available in low VOC formulas.

Its safety, ease of use, and environmental friendliness makes it the best choice for homeowners who wish to give a brand new appearance to their kitchen cabinets.

However, in comparison to oil paint, latex paint dries faster, making it extremely difficult to get an even and lustrous finish.

You can use a paint sprayer to minimize the unevenness and get an even finish.

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Oil Based Paint

In oil-based paint, the color pigment is suspended in oil and thinned with a strong agent like mineral spirit.

Oil paint is known for its ease of application and a long-lasting finish as it can be cleaned and scrubbed regularly.

It can give a resilient finish to your kitchen cabinet, and hence it is preferred by many homeowners.

If you open your kitchen cabinet with greasy or sticky hands, you can scrub away any residue easily without worrying about dulling the surface or wearing away the paint.

But while oil-based paint goes on smoothly, it takes a long time to dry—up to 16 hours between coats.

 Keeping your cabinets emptied for days to let the paint dry between coats might be a hassle that many people don’t want to deal with.

Oil paints also release VOCs at higher levels. Using this type of paint to enclose your spices, eating utensils and food, might be dangerous since these emissions have been linked to nose, throat and eye irritation, fatigue, dizziness, and more serious conditions.

Hybrid Enamels

Oil-based paint is dangerous, and latex-based paint is safe but compromises quality.

So what if we say you can get the goodness of both these paints in hybrid enamels? It is a low VOC paint that gives oil paint’s beautiful finish and latex paint’s safety.

The best thing is that it takes just water and soap to clean up your cabinets if you apply hybrid enamels on them.

Hybrid enamels are commonly available in satin and semi-gloss finish, and they offer a pristine finish on cabinets, doors, and wood trim.

You can also apply a primer to your kitchen cabinets before painting them with hybrid enamels to ensure the coverage is thorough and even.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color Palettes

Deciding which color will work best on your kitchen cabinets depends entirely on your preference.

If the cabinets have a traditional, classic look, you can opt for classic paint colors. White is a timeless choice, but you can opt for more contemporary alternatives like cream, ivory, sand, and light grey that blend well in a traditional style kitchen.

If you want to achieve a vibrant touch to your kitchen cabinet, you can add contrasting elements and color accents to your kitchen.

Light fixtures, hardware, appliances, and countertops in a bold or contrasting color can add an original touch to your interior.

Multi-colored cabinets are a popular choice in modern kitchens. You can use a darker shade on the bottom units and a lighter shade on top to give a unique look to your cabinets.

You can also mix and match tonalities and hues according to your personal tastes.

So spruce up the look of your kitchen cabinets by painting your cabinets with high-quality paints.

Cabinet drawers and doors are subject to pulling, slamming, touching, and more.

These factors make painted cabinets subject to chips and scraping, but you can lessen this by selecting the right paint for your kitchen cabinets.

You can hire professional paint contractors to give a makeover to your cabinets and extend their lifespan.

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