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Best Automotive Warning & Emergency Lights

Let’s face it. Road emergencies, construction work, and obstruction by bad weather occur all the time, any day, anywhere.

As a law-abiding citizen, it is your responsibility to ensure personal safety and the safety of other road users.

This means warning other drivers about your presence using automotive warning and emergency lights (also called strobe lights).

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Best Automotive Warning & Emergency Lights

Warning lights are essential for all types of vehicles, especially construction vehicles. For example, do you operate a crane on a construction site?

You can find a vast collection of crane warning lights for sale to help improve safety at the site. Here are the best automotive warning & emergency lights of all time.

Xprite Gen 3 Amber Yellow Warning LED

The Xprite Gen 3 warning LED lights are a perfect match for all kinds of vehicles; law enforcement vehicles, trucks, construction vehicles, and hazard vehicles.

They feature a magnetic base that mounts on top of your car in red, blue, amber, and many other color options.

A cable that runs to the vehicle’s cigarette port powers the LEDs to produce 16 strobe and flashing light patterns.

This adds visibility to your car in bad weather or alerts oncoming vehicles about a potential hazard ahead. A switch located along the cable controls the light patterns.


  • Magnetic base for easy installation on any metal surface
  • Work on all vehicles with a 12V cigarette port
  • Prolonged lifespan (50,000 hours)


  • Not suitable for commercial purposes as a
  • Brightness can be increased

CUMART Amber Yellow LED Light Bar

Alerting other vehicles about your presence in bad weather or a hazard should be done for cars on both sides of the road.

The CUMART light bar is a double-sided emergency light that features seven strobing/flashing patterns that appear brighter than some other options on the market.

The light bar also features a magnetic base for easy installation. It has a series of 54 lights, which are bright enough for bad weather.

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  • Visible during the day and night
  • It fits in all vehicles with a 12V cigarette port
  • Convenient operation
  • Multiple light settings to send various messages
  • Suitable for all weathers, including heavy rains


  • A bit pricier than some options listed here
  • The quality of light can be improved
  • Not a perfect fit for large trucks

When buying the CUMART Amber Yellow LED, watch out for any defects and return to the seller when you spot any damaged items in the package.

Buyers Products Recessed Strobe Light

When it comes to size and convenience, the Buyers Products strobe lights are an excellent choice.

They feature an oval-shaped design packed with 24 LEDs that can flash up to 6 times per second. The strobe lights also feature an IP67 for dust and water resistance for bad weather.

They operate within a 12-24 V power range with a grommet and PL-3 plug for installation. The most common color options include clear and amber.


  • Quality design
  • Durable and reliable


  • Limited color options
  • Limited uses (best for trucks)

Xprite Amber Strobe Lights

The Xprite Amber LED is an affordable option for firefighters and emergency response services.

They come in different color options, including white, red, green, blue, and more. Their design features a compact frame and three suction cups that mount onto the dashboard.

This way, the lights will not be an obstruction between you and the road ahead.


  • Long life (over 50,000 hours)
  • Won’t block your view
  • Multiple color choices
  • Affordable lights


  • The design could be made better

Remember, impersonating law enforcement vehicles is illegal. When making your purchase, always choose the amber color to avoid being mistaken for law enforcement or emergency services.

Why You Need Emergency Lights on Board

Using high beams in bad weather is not enough to make your vehicle visible to other drivers on the road.

Fog has a characteristic that enables it to reflect your high beams at you, making it difficult to see the road ahead.

Similarly, using a siren may not be heard, especially during storms or when the wind blows too much.

That’s why you need emergency lights on board. These lights draw attention to your vehicle, warning other drivers of your presence in a low visibility area.

Get the Best Automotive Warning & Emergency Lights

Whether you’re on a construction site or in the middle of nowhere, safety comes first. Warning other road users of potential danger goes a long way into safeguarding your vehicle and protects others from accidents and physical harm.

When making your choice, remember that the best automotive warning and emergency lights are the ones that do their job right and, at the same time, fit your style.

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