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Best Bidet Seats for Round Toilet

The majority of modern toilet bows are elongated, which can make finding a bidet that fits your bathroom challenging.

The bidet selection may not be as plentiful with round bowls, but there are still some great options to choose from, especially since many of the best brands offer both seat shapes.

For a universal fit, seat attachments are an excellent choice of the spray system.

image - Best Bidet Seats for Round Toilet
Best Bidet Seats for Round Toilet

Kohler Novita

Kohler, a well-known bathroom appliance name, has one of the most luxurious bidet seats on the market.

Their B90 & B93 models are top-of-the-line bidets that include the most sought-after features.

With a high-quality two-in-one design that allows for maximum reach and more personalized comfort, you can expect an elevated cleansing every time.

Adjustable water pressure, temperature, and nozzle position help this heated seat give you a thorough, comfortable cleaning experience.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, these bidet seats also come equipped with a touchscreen remote, night light, deodorizer, and many more phenomenal attributes.

Bio Bidet BB2000

This bidet seat also comes in both elongated and round shapes and is considered one of the best cleaning systems on the market today.

Bio Bidet’s 3-in-1 nozzle technology provides an unmatched cleaning and superior pressure.

The oscillating nozzles have an adjustable temperature, pressure, and angle, as well as an effective enema (turbo) feature.

This is a fan-favorite bidet system that has proven its quality and usefulness. The BB2000 comes with most of the same amenities as the Novita and other high-quality bidet seats and comes with a three-year warranty.

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Bidet Attachments

For a cheap alternative to these luxury systems, consider purchasing a manual bidet, like the BB 270 Duo.

This durable bidet attachment will fit your round toilet seat and requires no electricity.

This easy-to-use and low-maintenance bidet option still provide a feminine wash, heated water, and adjustable pressure.

Coming in at under $100, this bidet attachment gives you a thrifty option to experience a quality bidet system.

The sleek chrome finish of GoBidet’s GB 2003C offers another manual spray solution.

This bidet attachment has a simple installation, easy-to-use toggle controls, and adjustable position/pressure.

At around $150, this sophisticated bidet system is still a less expensive way to improve your bathroom trips.


No matter what kind of toilet bowl you have, there are plenty of bidet toilet seats and attachments that will fit.

Many manufacturers will offer multiple toilet seat styles to fit a variety of bowls, and there are always attachments that will do in a pinch.

Try any of these high-quality bidet toilet seats and see why people everywhere are switching from toilet paper.

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