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What Can a Psychic Really Tell You?

Despite efforts to change some of the negative views that people have about psychics, there are many who still see them negatively.

This article focuses on what legitimate psychics do and how they help people learn about themselves.

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What Can a Psychic Really Tell You

I was first informed about the concept of personal growth at the beginning of my training as a ‘psychic’ advisor.

It is an idea that encompasses our existence and guides our decisions in life. When a real psychic is doing their job, they are assisting you in awareness of certain aspects of your life.

Psychic advice can be powerful in that it provides you with information about your life that you might not otherwise be aware of due to the day-to-day activities of your life.

Psychics have traditionally been expert mediators of the natural world; however, a person with highly developed psychic intuition or use of various divination tools may also possess the ability to read these unseen elements.

In deciding to pursue my calling, I made it my mission to help people find the power of their inner world and access higher consciousness by studying spirituality.

A psychic (a person who provides insight into your future) is not supposed to help you but instead provide personal insights.

In order to strengthen your own intuition, psychics should only be used for advice and guidance. They should never replace your inner power by telling you what to do.

Prediction in itself has the power to change. This is especially the case when your advisor sees a possible negative outcome but you have the capacity and capabilities of changing it.

It may seem like any conflict is just an unfortunate incident with the way things are, but this can change with how you react and think.

Conflicts give you a chance to alter your energy based on what you think and do at that moment.

Many people require help finding their way and, when you are speaking with an insightful, genuine psychic, you open your options to become more proactive in life rather than being passive to uncontrolled circumstances.

Seeking deeper insights into your life can have a powerful effect on your consciousness and bring about the very thing you want.

This is what all souls (whether they know it or not) are moving towards as they travel the infinite spiral upwards to perfection.

What kind of information you seek from a psychic depends on what the problem is. For example, if your love life has just crashed and burned, you’ll want to talk about that.

On the other side of the coin though, someone who’s looking for direction in their career might not need as much personal advice from a psychic because they’re more concerned

Know Your Psychic – Different Psychics Specialize in Different Aspects of Reading

Some of these so-called psychics are very brazen in their claims that they are 100% accurate and can tell others all–even sometimes if you’re lying to them about who’s calling.

I find that psychics who claim to be able to do everything generally are not professional and/or ethical. Find out specifically what your psychic specializes in! Some professional psychics will discuss what they are and aren’t capable of doing.

For instance, a medium might be able to communicate with the dead but not all psychics can perform that service. So if you would like to talk to a loved one who has crossed over, then it is advisable for you to seek out an authentic psychic medium.

Not all psychics are middlemen. Some psychic guides are clairvoyant and experience visions. I have met many clairvoyants who can see the past, present, or future.

Those who are empathic can “feel” the emotions of others. Not everyone who is psychic can do both, but some are especially skilled in one or two areas.

Different Psychics Have Different Methods

The extent to which your psychic can tell you certain information will depend on their experience with the craft, their skill, knowledge, and natural gifts.

When seeking someone to become your spiritual advisor, it is important that they are certified. Some psychics use tools for their readings while others do not.

A psychic’s skill level will depend on how he or she discovered their gift and what they have done to hone it.

I remember seeing a program on TV where this psychic read people’s butts. People would show her their butts and she interpreted what was inside them.

It always amazes me that some people have found such an interesting way to connect with higher consciousness.

Psychic mastery is the key for anyone searching for mediumistic advice. Anyone seeking psychic guidance should only choose a spiritual advisor that has mastered their gift of insights and fortune-telling.

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Common Pitfalls to Watch Out for

I feel like many psychics, clairvoyants, etc. can see specific types of things but they may not be able to help you with what it is that concerns you.

Say you call someone who claims to be clairvoyant and you want to know whether or not your love will come back.

They see that a dog is in the future for you, which means that it’s time to get a new one because yours always seems sad.

You’re shocked at this information! That is an incredible gift–to be able to give that and see it without ever meeting the person.

So many people have real psychic abilities, but he or she might not be the right person to help you with your particular situation. Psychics can vary in their levels of experience and knowledge about different topics.

Now, although a clairvoyant may see that you have a new puppy and what you’re wearing, it’s not guaranteed that the psychics will be able to provide all of the answers and insight as their abilities might not match your concern.

I have found that people who are amazed by the small things sometimes believe everything a clairvoyant says, which is an impressive gift for remote viewing but not at all relevant to your reconciliation or career.

Even though a methodology for certain types of readings is worth developing, believing everything from that point forward can be misleading.

The untrained seeker of psychic advice will find this incredible enough to assume you can see “everything.” Many psychics advertise they can help your callers in a variety of areas, but this often isn’t the case.

So when engaging with a psychic, make sure they’re able to provide you with what you need because of their expertise.

If a psychic is empathic, they can “feel” another’s feelings. If a psychic is telepathic, they can know another’s thoughts. A clairvoyant may see the past, present, and future in visions.

Psychic abilities vary, some psychics are clairaudient and can hear thoughts or messages in their minds. Other psychics are clairsentient and can feel physical sensations relating to the person they’re reading for.

It’s important to remember that the ability of a practitioner will vary, so it is best to ask about their experience before your appointment.

With training, experience, and knowledge, these abilities alone may not be enough to help you. However, when used together they can get you started on your journey of self-empowerment in powerful ways that will have insightful answers to your questions and likely outcomes.

The reading’s outcome relies on the current emotional energy at your present moment and can change based on certain factors.

Many people are under the mistaken viewpoint that if something is meant to be, it will happen regardless of any actions taken.

There are certain events that happen in everyone’s life for reasons beyond the individual’s control.

These events may be caused by transitory karmic debts or a need to correct the misuse of energies over many lifetimes. There are some life experiences where free will is a factor, and it is your very decision or action that is being tested.

However, a psychic reading is not a substitute to experience because your soul will do what it must in order to take its brief stop on this plane of existence.

But an expert reading can help point you towards something that you are missing or point out a discrepancy and help you locate answers.

Sometimes it is not just what Mom and Dad did to us as children. Sometimes, simply becoming self-aware with the help of a psychic can be empowering in itself.

To become aware of something significant through guided spiritual forces has an overwhelming effect on a person.

The true psychic spiritual advisor has done their job well if they can help you turn in your life. But they are not a substitute for experience or staying connected with the professional, ethical psychics that are available to you.

The Things a Psychic Should Not Tell You

A psychic should not be telling you which decisions to make. Always take away from your reading empowering elements that help you to make your own decisions about your life.

A responsible and ethical psychic should never predict death. You should not partake in activities that will change the course of events for yourself, another person, or even bring about negative consequences on a psychic.

This activity will only result in negative karma being bestowed upon you and your benefactor, and the karmic consequences could be devastating.

This is fully inappropriate. A psychic should never tell you that they’re going to make something happen for you because that’s patently false.

Although a psychic advisor does not have special powers, they can use their skills to provide guidance for the future.

Psychic advisors are people who have developed their spiritual abilities to help others. They never use those abilities for things like boosting their own ego or controlling another person’s will.

However, people with other nefarious purposes exist and may try to make you psychologically dependent on them for guidance. Avoid psychics who ask for money over long periods of time for energy work. If they tell you that you have a negative block or curse, this is most likely just another bogus psychic scam. If you encounter such a person, hang up on them or leave immediately.

So, know what it is you need to know and ask your psychic about their specialty and whether it will be possible for them to answer all of those questions.

If you do decide to get a reading, make sure the practitioner is trained and experienced. There’s nothing worse than getting terrible advice from someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Investigate what a psychic is, ask questions, and be aware of the limitations. Don’t believe anyone who says they can see your future with 100% accuracy–only God knows everything about you.

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