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What Are the Main Benefits of Electric Roller Garage Doors?

So, you are in the process of deciding to vamp up the appearance of your home while adding in some security and are wondering what the benefits of electric roller garage doors are.

image - What Are the Main Benefits of Electric Roller Garage Doors?
What Are the Main Benefits of Electric Roller Garage Doors?

Roller shutter garage doors are an adaptable solution that will change your home’s function forever, with a smooth, vertical, electrically enabled opening that maximizes space, there really is no better solution than a made-to-measure roller garage door.

If you are reading this then you are probably weighing up your options, of which there are many. The choice is simple though, there are just so many undeniable benefits of electric roller garage doors and here they are:


Every home is different, they come in all shapes, sizes, and positions. The adaptability of electric roller garage doors is what makes them the most popular solution on the market.

No Head Room? No Problem!

In garages, there are often obstructions internally that restrict the options available. With unique small sizing of the top of the roller insertion, they can be fit in the most awkward of spaces.

With no internal tracks, they are a huge space saver and because they are made to measure, they can be fit into just about every home in the UK.

You will maximize usage of the space that you have in both your garage and your driveway due to the vertical opening, giving you the ability to park up close without hindering the opening and shutting the function of your garage door.

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Made to Order

Roller doors for your garage are made to measure. Measured by industry experts, your pace is measured, and depending on the assessment of space, the fitting of your garage door can be behind, in between, or in front of the garage opening which is something that really sets them apart from the standard garage door and allows you to enjoy the full potential of your space.


This solution is one that doesn’t break the bank. Electric roller doors are available to you, with an end-to-end solution and industry expert there to support you through the process.

Security for your Home

Electric garage roller garage roller doors are an added security to the sanctuary that is home. Constructed from high-quality aluminum, double skinned and insulated, the outside seems a world away.

Their robust nature, remote controlled access, and manual override in case of emergency give you peace of mind that your home is safe all year round.

Aesthetically Pleasing

There are a number of customizable options when you choose a bespoke made to measure electric garage door for your garage or outbuildings.

No matter your style, there will be a color that will tie in and add that extra something to your property or land. With a high-quality polyester powder finish, they really are the winning ticket when it comes to solutions for garage doors.

A Warmer Garage

Perhaps one of the best benefits bearing in mind the rise in energy costs! Double-skinned and insulated, garage roller doors reduce heat loss and are weatherproof, allowing for the most comfortable use of your garage.

Safety First

When it comes to electric garage roller doors, there is somewhat of a concern, especially when you have younger children in the home.

Electric roller door systems come with state-of-the-art detection abilities that ensure the garage door detects objects in the way and stops the doors from lowering onto cars and loved ones.

Safety is always a number one priority and precaution should be taken as many roller doors in the UK are manufactured and do not meet the basic CE criteria, which makes them illegal and could have insurance implications.

Choosing a Roller Garage Door Company

There are many options out there for suppliers and installers of roller garage doors. As with any work on a property, always get quotes from multiple companies.