A booming town, and the fourth largest city of Australia, Perth is the most rapidly growing city in the entire country.

Home to some of the most advantageous suburbs in the country, its residents earn a hefty income and enjoy a higher disposable income than the rest of the country.

Therefore, most households can afford to hire house cleaning services.

image - What Questions Should You Ask A Home Cleaning Company Before Hiring Their Service

What Questions Should You Ask A Home Cleaning Company Before Hiring Their Service

Hiring a house cleaner in Perth is not difficult. Read house cleaning perth reviews to know that the city will always give you access to well-trained cleaners who are uber careful about the safety of their clients.

You may conduct online research or ask your neighbors, but it is always better to inquire before booking a cleaning company’s services.

After all, your needs may vary from that of your neighbor’s.

What Type of Cleaning Services Do They Provide?

When you call the cleaning service, be specific about what you need. Most house cleaners in Perth offer mopping, vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, dusting, and washroom cleaning.

But, unless specially requested, they may not organize tabletops, pick up items around the house, move heavy furniture, or wipe down costly appliances.

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How Much do They Charge?

Cleaning companies generally charge by the hour, but some also offer simple plans and pricing.

Then, depending on what you need, you can easily calculate your pricing. The prices often depend on the area to be covered in square meters, cleaning frequency, the time required, and the amount of dirt in the house.

It is common for companies to offer a walk-through of your house before you hire them. Checking your house allows them to estimate the time they will require and the cost of the service.

However, make sure to keep the home in the same condition when the cleaning services come to clean.

Will They Bring Their Supplies, And What Supplies Do They Use?

If you go through house cleaning reviews in Perth, you will realize that cleaning service providers in Perth usually bring their supplies.

In case you or your family has an allergy, or you have young kids or pets at home, you may want to inquire about the cleaning products used.

Do not forget to mention your preferred products, especially if you are into organic cleaning products.

How Do They Screen Their Employees?

The safety of your home in Perth and your family members is of utmost importance. The city is one of the most livable cities in Australia because the people feel safe.

But, you never know who ends up entering your properties.

Therefore, ask the service provider how they vet their employees and if the same cleaners will visit your home every time.

Does the agency seek certifications from the employees before joining or conduct a background check on their employees? You may ask the company to share the information they received from the background check.

Though it is illegal for the company to reveal any information to you in some regions, there is no harm in trying.

Companies usually send the same cleaners every time. However, a professional may take a day off or call in sick. So, it is necessary to know that the replacements are trustworthy.

These questions will assist you in determining whether the house cleaning service is apt for you and if you can confidently hand over the keys to them.