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Wasps – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Whether you are trying to get one out of your living room or running for cover after one took a liking to your can of Coca-Cola, we have all encountered wasps in some way or another.

Yes, we totally get it; wasps can be annoying. The worry of getting stung overcomes us when we see one.

But wasps do benefit our planet by pollinating our flowers and crops as well as controlling other insect populations.

But, with all good things, there are bad sides to wasps and, in certain scenarios, damn right ugly. Let us explain with today’s article.

image - Wasps - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Wasps – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Good – Wasps as Pollinators

You have heard the saying “save the bees” right? Of course, we agree but “save the wasps” should totally be a thing too. And, we say this for a very important reason. No.

We are not completely bonkers. Wasps are hugely beneficial to our planet because they pollinate our crops and the food we eat, just like bees do.

Good – Natural Pest Control

No one really wants a load of wasps in their garden, but they are natural-born predators that you can learn to like (especially if you grow your own fruit and veg).

There are next to no insects and bugs that are safe from wasps. This means they can benefit your garden and can stop your plants from being eaten.

So, reconsider booking in that wasp nest removal company unless you really have to or if you have young children.

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Good – They are Friendly (To Some Other Insects)

Yes, we know this seems a little strange when compared to the previous section. But wasps actually share their nests with other insects, including hoverflies.

Now, we are not too entirely too sure why they do this, but both of the insects must get along otherwise, they wouldn’t live in harmony like this.

Good – They Help Put Wine on The Table

Not literally. They are not going to help you carry the wine to the table, but they are part of turning grapes into wine. Let us explain.

Wasps store wild yeast in their stomachs during the colder months. So, when they feed on grapes during the summer, they help to start the fermentation process by passing on the yeast.

Bad – They Pose a Danger to Bees

Wasp spells bad news for bees in the UK. In the spring, worker wasps will attack worker bees and carry their dead bodies away to feast on.

That sounds bad enough, but later in the year, they will also kill and eat honey bee grubs and pupae.

Bad – They (Of Course) Can Sting

Okay, we know, we are stating the obvious here, but wasps can deliver a rather painful sting if they feel threatened.

This is, of course, a bad thing, but they only do it to defend themselves and don’t go out of their way to sting people, which is a common belief.

Bad – They Come in Numbers

If you see a wasp in your home or garden, there is a high chance that others will be nearby.

This is why infestations are becoming more and more common. Wasps are sociable insects and like to stick together in numbers.

Ugly – They Can Kill Humans

Anaphylaxis is an extremely serious reaction that causes the body to overreact, go into shock, and shut down.

It can be triggered by certain types of medicine and food but by also wasp stings. This reaction develops very quickly and is difficult to predict and prevent.

It is terrifying to think about, but it is extremely rare, with less than 0.5% of the global population ever suffering from it.

They are not that bad, right?

As you can now see, wasps do have their benefits, and we firmly believe that these outweigh the “bad and ugly” (even if they can kill us on rare occasions).

Like bees, wasps are beautiful insects that benefit each and every one of us. We should look out for our yellow and black friends, and in turn, they will help us in more ways than you first thought.

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