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Using Preserved Rose to Plan the Perfect Spring Wedding

When that memorable day comes and goes, one of the best ways you will remember it is your bouquet.

That’s probably why using preserved rose can be a perfect plan for a wedding. Its popularity has been increasing because of that and many more reasons.

Is your wedding scheduled for spring? If yes, this article explains why using preserved rose to plan the perfect spring wedding.

Do, without further ado, let’s find out why they are the perfect wedding flowers. Read on!

image - Using Preserved Rose to Plan the Perfect Spring Wedding
Using Preserved Rose to Plan the Perfect Spring Wedding

1. They are Beautiful

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. Therefore, they will make the event look beautiful. No one wants their wedding day to look dull.

Preserved roses are no different from fresh roses, including how they look, feel and smell.

They are as beautiful as the fresh ones since they are also real hence a perfect way of decorating your wedding.

2. They Match the Occasion

Roses are flowers associated with love and romance. The red roses show how you are passionately in love with your groom.

On the other hand, pink and white roses show admiration and purity, respectively.

Those are themes associated with weddings. That’s why it makes sense to use preserved rose for your spring wedding.

3. You can Decorate the Venue in Advance

When it comes to fresh roses, you have to wait until the last minute to decorate the wedding venue.

Failure to do so may see them wither even before the ceremony commences. Fortunately, preserved roses ensure that you have the same look and take away the worries of the flowers withering.

There is also something about doing something at the last minute that hardly augers well.

You want the occasion to be perfect hence the need to take all the time necessary to achieve it. That’s impossible with fresh roses, but preserved ones will indeed play the rick.

4. You Don’t Want to Rush the Wedding

Fresh flowers often wither within a few hours. Therefore, if you want them to be fresh throughout your wedding, you will have no other choice but to have a brief ceremony.

If you go for a long one, your decoration will not be as lovely and fresh as it should.

That’s where using preserved rose to plan the perfect spring wedding becomes useful.

Regardless of how long your wedding lasts, your roses will remain fresh, and the venue will retain its original beauty throughout.

5. You Don’t Want Delayed Shipping to Ruin your Wedding Day

Sometimes, shipments may delay due to unavoidable circumstances. The only way to avoid such inconveniences is to order something in advance.

It ensures that a short delay doesn’t affect your plans. Unfortunately, that’s not an option when it comes to fresh roses.

Fortunately, that’s something you shouldn’t worry about if shipping preserved roses.

They can last for a long time without withering. Shipping early avoids last-minute hiccups, which could inconvenience your big day.

6. You get to Keep them After the Wedding Day

If you love keeping momentous, there are high chances you will want to keep the bouquet after the event.

Using preserved roses ensures that it is fresh even by the time the wedding comes to an end.

Equally important, it will also last for years without losing its freshness. Interestingly, it doesn’t demand much care to remain fresh.


Using preserved roses to plan the perfect spring wedding is a smart move, no doubt. It has so many benefits, as discussed in this article.

To enjoy such benefits, where you don’t have to worry about decorations of your wedding day even during the actual ceremony, consider preserved roses for your spring wedding.

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