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What Is Roof Cladding and Why Is It Important?

Roof cladding is a waterproof layer of material installed on a roof’s surface, used to prevent the build-up of moisture, keeping the inside of the building dry and warm.

It is important to hire a reputable company to install your roof cladding for you. If you live in Manchester and need commercial roof cladding, check out Roofing Consultants Group’s commercial roofing Manchester branch.

image - What Is Roof Cladding and Why Is It Important
What Is Roof Cladding and Why Is It Important

There are also different types of roof cladding, coming in various shapes sizes, and materials to suit the style of the building. Roof cladding has multiple benefits to it:


it can help regulate the internal temperature of the building, saving on energy bill costs, and acts as an additional layer of sound-proofing which is especially beneficial if your business creates a lot of noise or the building is based in a noisy area.

Also, depending on the type of roof cladding, it can provide a bonus layer of fire resistance.

Weather Protection

an advantage of roof cladding is that it also helps protect the building from weather elements. It prevents condensation build-up, mold, corrosion, and deterioration from extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, snow and rain will be prevented from getting into any cracks in the materials underneath caused by extreme weather changes due to the protection of cladding, as well as any chemicals or sunlight.

This saves on roof maintenance and repair costs, increasing the longevity of the roof and the rest of the building.

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Aesthetic Quality

It can increase the overall appeal and worth of the building by making it more aesthetically pleasing.

As there are different versions of roof cladding, coming in ranges of various textures and colors as well as the option of it being coated, you can choose which matches the building and surrounding architecture the best.

Low Maintenance Level

cladding is recommended over other options as it requires lower maintenance in the long run. To clean cladding, all you need to do is a simple washdown.

Furthermore, while using brick and stone cladding may be more expensive in the initial purchase, the maintenance of these materials is much lower in comparison to other options of cladding.

Additionally, all possible options of cladding require lower maintenance in comparison, for example, to painting.

Sustainability and Ecology

every element of a building’s construction is taken into account in consideration of the environment it is in. Materials used need to meet regulations and to be deemed fit for their purpose.

Cladding is beneficial in this aspect as it helps to lower the level of carbon dioxide emissions from the building which leaves through the heating system.

Financial Value

While costs of purchasing and installing cladding are initially high, the long-term value added to the building will increase.

Less expenditure will go towards temperature regulation inside the building annually as well as lower maintenance requirements and costs.

Cladding benefits the strength of the building as it improves structural durability.

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