What Supplies You Need to Clean Your Swimming Pool

What Supplies You Need to Clean Your Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool is safe as long as its water is clean. When your pool water is clear and sparkling, you can maximize the enjoyment of the pool. However, a dirty pool can dampen your enjoyment. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a regular cleaning of your pool to maximize the most use out of it. You need a few pool cleaning supplies to ensure that your pool is hygienic and it looks its best.
What Supplies You Need to Clean Your Swimming Pool
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Sanitizer is one of the important pool cleaning supplies. The most common form of sanitizer is chlorine. This chemical kills harmful microorganisms and bacteria that are key reasons to many conditions such as Legionnaire’s disease, ear infections and so on. You can find out chlorine in different forms such as liquid, tablet and granular. It is advisable to add this chemical to the pool water every alternative day, especially after a heavy bather load and rain.

You can even use a testing kit to observe the level of chlorine in the pool water. The level of chlorine must remain between 2.0 and 4.0 parts per million.

Besides chlorine, there are different types of chemicals available for cleaning swimming pool and its water. There are calcium hypochlorite, trichloroisocyanuric acid, bromine and many more. If you find it difficult buying them from a local supply store, you can opt for these pool chemicals to buy online.

Brushes and Nets

You can remove deposits from your pool using chemicals. However, in order to clean the surface of the pool, you need to clean it manually. The walls and floor are the common areas that accumulate dirt, algae and other contaminants easily. These contaminants make the pool dirty and discolour the water. You can scrub the floor and walls with the stiff bristles of the brush to clean them. Use a net to skim floating debris and leaves from the water.


If you use a vacuum, it will make your cleaning much easier. There are manual and automatic vacuum cleaners.

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