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What To Do With Your Stuff During Home Renovation?

Home renovation can be exciting. The anticipations keep many homeowners excited. Simultaneously, you cannot deny that home improvement is stressful too.

The extent of the home renovation project does not matter, nor do why you take up a project. You could be doing it for all the good and practical reasons such as making more space, increasing functionality, adding more rooms, to name a few.

image - What To Do With Your Stuff During Home Renovation?
What To Do With Your Stuff During Home Renovation?

But the fact remains the same; it can cause massive disruption in your life for the duration of the makeover.

The whole house is open to the contractors and workers, so there are chances of theft too. You might be camping out in one room of the house. The clutter in the house can make the home renovation project more complicated too.

So, one of the considerations is to ensure the safety of your belongings. So, it requires some serious thought before you start the project. Proper planning can help you stay organized and ensure convenience too. Want to know where you can store your belongings? Here are some options.

Renting a Storage Space in Your Locality

The most convenient option is to store your stuff in a nearby storage facility. You can easily transport all your belongings if the unit is not far from your house.

Finding a storage facility according to your city or area name is not complicated either. You can simplify the search by looking for it online. For instance, if you reside in Lincoln, Nebraska, you can search “storage unit Lincoln NE,” You can even search “storage near me.”

Both of these searches will give similar results. Putting your stuff in the storage unit can ensure its safety from theft or any mishap during renovation. Especially if you have antique pieces and vintage furniture in your house, taking any risk for them is not wise.

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Designate a Room in Your House

If you have a big house where you can designate a room to store the extra stuff, this can work too. You can pack all your belongings in cartons and sacks and put them in the room.

Make sure the room is away from the area where renovation is taking place actively. You can also take the contractor’s help to ensure that water or dust does not penetrate this room.

Any space you don’t use too frequently or that is not part of the renovation plan can be used for storage. For instance, you can consider your kid’s room or the entertainment room to use for storage.

However, the only concern is that this arrangement is not possible if the whole house is under renovation or you don’t have enough space to designate a full room. If you still plan to keep your stuff in the house, you may want to move them constantly to make space for workers.

Drag Your Furniture to The Middle of the Room

If you can’t choose a storage facility or you have room to spare, consider moving your furniture and bigger items to the middle of the room.

Latter, you can cover everything with plane sheets and covers. Though you might not be able to protect them completely from the dust, it is still a cost-effective method. It can work perfectly if you don’t have bulky furniture in the room that you cannot drag easily.

Once the renovation is done, you can put the furniture back to its respective spots. But you might not want to use this method if you have an extensive renovation project that can take weeks or months to complete.

Rent a Storage Container

If you are undergoing a complete remodel of your house, you need a solution that keeps your stuff in your reach. One such option is renting a portable storage container that you can keep in your compound or outside the house.

Storage containers have enough space to keep all your stuff, such as bulky furniture, boxes of possessions, or other stuff in your house.

With a moveable storage container, you can have all your stuff on site. Accessing anything when they are required becomes very easy. There is no such issue of relocating your stuff either.

Put Extra Stuff With Your Friends And Family

If you are undergoing a small renovation project that won’t take more than a couple of days, asking the help of your family and friends can be an option too.

You can be sure of the safety of your belongings but consider discussing the time your project will take. You might not be able to keep your stuff there for an extended period. But, ask for a few extra days in case your project extends beyond the planned timeline.

During the home renovation project, taking care of your stuff is a major issue. So, before you start your project, think about where you will keep your stuff.

Whether it is a storage facility or a storage container, the end goal is to ensure your possessions’ safety and the smooth completion of the project.

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