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When Should I Have Air Duct Cleaning Companies Service My Air Ducts?

Lots of us feel that we should have our air ducts checked and cleaned every once in a while, but there are many who aren’t so sure. They lack knowledge about when to have this done.

It definitely helps if you have the facts lined up before taking measures to have your air ducts cleaned professionally. Besides, you can contract the services of an air duct cleaning company in Hood River area for epic cleaning services.

image - When Should I Have Air Duct Cleaning Companies Service My Air Ducts
When Should I Have Air Duct Cleaning Companies Service My Air Ducts

So when should you have air duct cleaning companies service your air ducts? How often should you have dust and debris removed from the air ducts in your home? Is one company better than another? These are all great questions, but the only way to get good answers is to do a little research.

Signs That Your Air Duct Needs Service

You’ve been noticing some funny smells coming from your ductwork lately. Maybe you’ve even noticed some odd noises. If this sounds like you, you might benefit from having your ducts professionally cleaned.

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If you’re thinking about having someone clean your ductwork, here are a few signs that might indicate that cleaning is necessary:

  • A musty smell is coming from your ducts.
  • Uneven smell where some rooms smell worse than others.
  • Health issues as a result of dust buildup in your ductwork.
  • Visible signs of insect infestation in your ductwork.
  • Mold growing in your ductwork.

If you notice any of the signs, chances are high you need professional cleaning of the air ducts.

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Why You Should Seek Professional Cleaning Companies Service

A lot of people think that cleaning the air ducts is a job that can be done by anyone who is handy enough. It is not. Cleaning the air ducts is a technical job. It is a job for which you need special training and experience.

For years, the household air ducts were neglected. Many people ignore it, thinking that cleaning them is unnecessary. However, it is very much necessary, as dirty air ducts can accumulate dust that aggravates respiratory conditions.

Air duct cleaning is essential as you can avoid respiratory and respiratory problems. That is why you need air duct cleaning services. This is important to keep your family healthy.

The cleaning process is very tedious, as it involves the use of special tools, chemicals that are very dangerous to use on human beings; the cleaning process requires special equipment and is a lengthy process. Therefore, it is important that you hire professional air duct cleaning services.

Besides, the professional cleaners are trained and experienced in cleaning air ducts. They have the special equipment and the expertise to ensure that the cleaning is thorough.

The cleaning services also ensure the removal of any odors and contaminants from the air ducts. The cleaning process involves the use of special equipment and chemicals that ensure that the cleaning is comprehensive.

Cleaning companies’ services also ensure that the air ducts are cleaned thoroughly. The cleaning process involves the use of special equipment and chemicals that ensure that the cleaning is exhaustive.

In addition, cleaning ensures that there is no dust or debris that gets accumulated in the air ducts. This can cause respiratory problems. Therefore, it is important that you hire air duct cleaning services.

How Often Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

It is recommended that your air ducts be cleaned every 3–5 years. However, duct cleaning may be needed more frequently for residents of very dusty parts of the country. While you should have your heating and cooling system serviced at least every 1–2 years, a thorough cleaning should be done a little less often.

This is so because a complete cleaning will remove dirt and debris from within the system, interfering with heat exchange and costing you more money.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) recommend that you have your air ducts cleaned professionally by a reputable HVAC company or other qualified individuals at least once every five years.

The EPA also recommends professional cleaning if you notice any sign pointing to impending danger.

There can be a sign indicating that your air duct needs professional care. Once you see this, act fast to avoid further damage to the duct. Besides, you can take precautionary measures to prevent chances of these signs from happening.

You have to heed occasional professional cleaning to ensure the system lasts long and avoid incurring unnecessary expenditure on repairs.

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