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White Goods Disposal Options

White good disposal is a completely different process than normal waste disposal. So, if you have bought a new washing machine, your old washing machine disposal isn’t as simple as taking it to your local skip.

Instead, white goods disposal needs to be done in a responsible and professional way.

image - White Goods Disposal Options
White Goods Disposal Options

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What Are White Goods?

Before you arrange white good disposal, it’s important to know if your old appliance is actually termed as a ‘white good’.

White goods were so named because, in the past, these appliances would be covered in white enamel, as was the fashion.

These days, white goods actually come in an array of colours, including silver and black.

Here are some common examples of white goods:

  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Washing machines
  • Tumble dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens

Other electrical appliances – termed brown goods – are usually those used for entertainment purposes such as sound systems and televisions.

Responsible White Good Disposal

If you want to dispose of a white good, such as a washing machine, this process isn’t as simple as putting it with your normal household rubbish.

Instead, you will need to contact the correct channels to provide the most responsible washing machine disposal methods.

Here are some responsible methods for white good disposal:

Sell or Give It Away

Many of us choose to upgrade our fridges or washing machines, even if our previous appliances are still in good working order.

In these cases, instead of disposing of your fridge, you could instead choose to sell or give that appliance away.

Classified add websites, such as Gumtree, will allow you to sell your items for free. Or, you could choose to give the appliance away to a local charity.

Not all charities can accept electrical goods, so make sure to ring them first. In most cases, the charity will even come and collect your appliance for nothing.

Ask Your Retailer

Many retailers will offer you white good disposal for an extra fee when you buy a new appliance. This means that, when the delivery drivers come to install your item, they will also safely take away your previous appliance too.

Your Local Council

Most local councils offer a white good disposal service. Some councils might offer so many free collections a year, however, most will ask for a small fee to collect or dispose of your white goods.

Local Disposal Companies

If your old fridge isn’t in working order and you can’t resell them, you can contact local waste companies like https://www.kwiksweep.co.uk this is often the easiest and most convenient way to dispose of white goods and these companies will ensure that goods are disposed of safely.

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