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Who Invented Air Conditioning?

What can be refreshing on a sweltering hot day than turning on that marvelous-god-sent invention that cools down the soaring temperature? Thanks to Willis Haviland Carrier, the mind beyond this cool invention, we don’t have to deal with the current heatwave brought by unbearable humidity from the summer season.

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Invented Air Conditioning

Way back in 1902, when the first modern air conditioning system was invented, people had to move mountains to stay calm. Humans have gone a long way to find an effective solution to keeping an artificial breeze to survive the scorching heat.

There were various attempts to control temperatures worldwide: people transports mountains of snow, hanging wet towels to doorways, and manual powered rotating fans. Thanks to Carrier, getting cooled down is as simple as a button press and chill.

Willis Carrier is the brains behind this innovation. With his will to provide comfort (and we bet he can’t stand the heat too!), he began his experiments with humidity’s law to control and solve this problem at a printing company in Brooklyn.

Inspired by refrigeration’s mechanical concept, the system sends breeze through coils filled with cold water.

With the air cooling, comes the absence of moisture to control humidity in the room gradually.

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Smart Technology: After Carrier’s Invention

To this date, 80% of households enjoy the cooling breeze brought by centralized air conditioning.

From luxury to a necessity, AC has a redefined lifestyle, according to airconditioningrepairlasvegas.org, and people rely on this central system to provide a better quality of life.

AC plays a vital role in economic development and migration patterns in the US.

New units are designed to provide excellent comfort while reducing energy consumption. As technology advances, the concept remains, but the quality, efficiency, and capabilities evolve.

The new system comes handy with temperature control through thermostats, energy-efficient models to keep you fresh without breaking the bank, smart-home compatibility, and microprocessor-based control and diagnostics kits for automation.

Cold Facts About Modern Technology AC

When you know that summer is approaching; doing a quick check on your air conditioning is vital. You have to make sure it works perfectly fine, enjoying a climate-controlled home is far from relaxing and soothing.

So ditch the heat and stay indoors, plus these cold facts your HVAC system, will make you feel better too:

  • Movie theaters were the first public places to use air conditioning.
  • Air conditioning paves the way to essential medications that can only be developed or studied in a cold environment.
  • People in the past used ice blocks to keep it fresh.
  • Every year, Africa uses the same amount of energy to power up their whole continent as the US uses to power up air conditioners.
  • Willis Carrier is the father of air conditioning.
  • Air conditioning has lowered natural human tolerance to heat.
  • The kids were granted a summer break as it’s hard to study when it’s hot, this idea stayed until this day.
  • AC helps populations grow.
  • The New York Stock Exchange (NYC) was the first industry to use AC in 1903.
  • Before the invention of Ac’s engineers and architects, they designed buildings and homes with high porches, ceilings, landscaping, and breezeway to provide shade for a more relaxed feel.

How to Keep Your AC Perfectly Working

One of the many reasons your central air conditioning system breaks is over-stress, especially during the long and hot summer days. Ensure your AC works perfectly all year-round. It’s vital to follow a few simple yet effective ways to keep everything in perspective.

This included regular maintenance of your HVAC to maintain a consistent temperature and more. Most AC systems need maintenance to prolong their efficiency and reduce costs on your end.

If your AC needs a quick fix, you need to find reliable and trustworthy people who know how to set things right and offer help.


Air conditioning improves the quality of your life. It saves you from stressful heat waves during the hot summer days. Aside from that, with a better and more refreshing environment, it allows individuals’ productivity in working space.

Relaxation comes handy when you are in a climate-controlled home that affects your health and well-being.

With Carrier’s invention, the air conditioner is now necessary to redefine the quality of life and economy.

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