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Why are LEDs Considered Better for the Environment?

Have you ever questioned that’s why LEDs are considered better for the environment? If yes then below are a few points to convince you that commercial lighting can be environment friendly. You would not agree more it is our responsibility to take care of the environment and everyone has to be accountable.

Many people will take basic environment-friendly measures like recycling in order to minimize the waste produced. But people are not aware of how Technologies can help reduce carbon emissions. Let’s see how LED light is environment friendly.

image - Why are LEDs Considered Better for the Environment?
Why are LEDs Considered Better for the Environment?

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Energy Efficient

If you are not aware then LED lights are 80% more efficient than conventional lighting. This is due to the fact that 95% of the energy produced by LED is converted into light and only five percent is wasted in a form of heat energy.

The best part is that they draw much lesser energy than traditional lighting. Due to the less energy, the demand from the power plants is reduced.


It is interesting to note that LED lights do not contain toxic elements. You probably are not aware but several office lights make use of fluorescent strips. This strip light contains toxic Chemicals like mercury. The presence of such toxicity contaminates the environment and contributes to the landfill waste.

Fewer Lights

You might not know about this but LED lights have a better light distribution. These are capable of focusing light in one direction. If you will go for the conventional light then they will divert the rays in other directions which will the waste energy being transmitted.

Many times these conventional lights will emit light in other directions where it is not required. The proper light distribution by LED lights means fewer lights will be needed which will reduce energy consumption and benefit the environment.

The Lifespan of Commercial Lighting

As far as the lifespan of led is a concern then these enjoy a longer lifespan. Longer life also means a low carbon emission rate. If you will go for conventional light then they will not last much longer whereas LED has the capability of lasting 6 times longer. Another benefit of LED lights is that they do not add noise pollution to the environment.

Noise Emission from Commercial Lighting

You will find several lighting Technologies which will generate vibration and other Humming noises. But if you will be going for LED lights then they are designed in such a way that t they do not produce any vibration.

Commercial Lightings do not Attract Bugs

Have you ever gotten annoyed by the insects and bugs which are drawn towards the light? If yes then go for LED Technology, especially for the outdoors, because these are designed in such a way that they do not produce a specific wavelength that attracts these insects. All these bugs aesthetically Pollute the environment and that is why choose the LED lights.

Commercial Lighting Promotes Growth of Plants

You might not be aware but LED light is good for the growth of the plants. There are several researches that have been conducted related to the plant and conventional bulbs. If you will be going for traditional lighting then they will increase the temperature of the area which is not healthy for the growth of a plant.