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Why Your Electricity Bill is Going Up

Most people assume their power bills. They receive the power bill, pay it and forget about it until the next month.

But, when they notice it has doubled or jumped up, they start getting interested.

This shift is frustrating for other bills like car payments and house payments, stay the same.

For your electricity bill to go up, there are various reasons. Fortunately, you can take action and work with Bates Electric and consistently lower your electrical bill.

In this article are the reasons your power bill goes up and what to do about it.

image - Why Your Electricity Bill is Going Up
Why Your Electricity Bill is Going Up

Older, Less Efficient Appliances

The older appliances are less efficient than new ones, and this affects your energy bill directly.

If you purchase ENERGY STAR appliances for your home, they use anywhere between 10-50% less energy than the less efficient appliances.

ENERGY STAR appliances are better for they are certified. Not only to save money but to save energy and protect the climate.

For instance, if you replace a 10-year-old refrigerator with a new efficient model, you save on energy costs based on the current electricity rates.

Therefore, as you replace old appliances in your home, consider getting those with the ENERGY STAR label.

Vampire Sources Draining Power

Vampire sources drain electricity, and as a result, your bill goes up. Some of them are not turning off the lights, not unplugging appliances when not in use, among others.

Some appliances and electronics draw small amounts of energy all the time as they stay plugged in, including kitchen appliances, television, smart speaker, and your computer.

Vampire Sources Draining Power

Therefore, as you leave a computer charging or leave its charger plugged in, it still draws energy.

This is a waste of both energy and money. To avoid the surge in your energy bill from these vampire sources, unplug the devices when you finish with them.

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The Social Life You Need

What type of social life do you lead? It can affect your electricity bill going up. During the festive or summer holidays, the continuous festivities will increase the energy bill with most people in your home.

If you host many parties in your home throughout the year, it will still go high.

The Social Life You Need

You will have lights on in most rooms if not all of the house that you rarely use, you cook a little more, and of course, you stay up later than the norm, having to use the lights longer.

If this is what happens in your household often, it will reflect in the monthly electric bill.

Although it is not something you should necessarily change, it helps you figure out why your electric bill increases.

Extreme Climate

Extreme Climate 

It is not unusual to have residential electric bills doubling every month. More so, places with extreme winters or warm summers will see electric rates increase.

During peak times, there is demand for either heating and cooling. So, if you live in a chilly place, your heater will have to work overtime.

You end up using more energy to keep your home warm, and it costs more because the demand is high.

Plus, the utility companies charge higher during peak season as everyone is trying to heat their homes.


As you buy a light bulb today, there are various to choose from, light-emitting diode bulbs, halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs.

All these different bulbs use different amounts of energy. CFLs and incandescent light bulbs emit heat and light in all directions, wasting a lot of energy.

On the other hand, LED bulbs emit light in a specific direction and are much more efficient.

Plus, they use less energy, up to 75% of the traditional bulbs. As you buy a light bulb next time, consider getting an ENERGY STAR LED light bulb. They not only lower your electricity bill but conserve energy.

To conclude, the above are some reasons why your electricity bill goes up. If you see this happening, don’t panic, but find the cause first.

Most of them are under your control, and you can curb the increasing bill.

Make some of the changes mentioned above. To have more control of the power bill and lower it with time.

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