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Why You Should Tackle Siding and Windows at the Same Time

Replacing old siding can give your home a complete makeover. But you may not have thought about replacing your windows at the same time.

image - Why You Should Tackle Siding and Windows at the Same Time
Why You Should Tackle Siding and Windows at the Same Time

The truth is there are a lot of benefits to replacing both your home’s siding and windows at the same time. Continue reading to learn why replacing siding and windows go hand-in-hand.

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Capping Windows

When your contractor is replacing windows it’s extremely important to get the capping just right. Capping around the window is aluminum or vinyl framing that helps direct water away from both the window frame and your interior walls.

You don’t want water getting in through the window frame and causing water damage indoors! This can lead to mold and other serious repairs.

When you replace the windows along with the siding, this can better guarantee a watertight seal that can save you money in the long run.

Moisture Barrier

Typically, your carpenter is going to install a moisture barrier beneath the window frame. This barrier extends well below the siding. That’s why the timing of replacing your windows and siding together is so important.

If you have to replace your windows after you’ve just had new siding installed, your carpenter will probably have to cut into the new siding to make sure the moisture barrier is properly installed. That means you could be spending the extra money to replace siding you just paid for!

Save Energy

Another important reason for replacing both your siding and windows together is the airtight seal it creates for your home. To learn even more about energy efficiency click here. You can save money on air conditioning and heat by ensuring it’s not escaping from holes in the frames and joints of your windows.

Siding also adds an additional layer that can protect your home from extreme hot or cold temperatures coming in or out. These two factors work together in making your home energy efficient. It makes little sense to purchase energy-efficient windows only to have air and moisture coming through your siding.

Re-Cap Windows

Whether or not you end up purchasing new windows along with your siding, your carpenter will need to replace the windows’ original capping. Since it is going to be damaged when the old siding is removed.

That means later when you decide to replace your windows you’re going to have to pay a carpenter to recap your windows twice. This could cost you a few hundred extra dollars!

However, having your windows and siding done together, means you’ll be able to have them completed together without one projected damaging the other.

Curb Appeal

Another worthwhile reason for replacing both your windows and siding together is how great it will look! There’s nothing like brand new windows and siding to truly transform your home’s overall appearance.

Whether you’d like to change the color of your home or simply freshen the current shade. Not only will the end result be cost-effective but you’ll also admire the beauty of your home’s new exterior.

What About the Cost?

You may agree that replacing your windows and siding together is a great idea but the cost is just too much. Typically window replacement costs range from between $500 to $850 per window.

It’s understandable if you don’t have the funds to replace your windows and siding all at once. If you are forced to choose one or the other, we’d recommended settling on replacing the windows first.

Don’t Skimp on Siding

Although windows should be your priority, if your siding is in disrepair it’s just as important to replace it. That’s because siding that is falling apart and pulling off the frame can lead to larger problems.

Additional issues such as rotting boards and leaks can result in higher energy costs and greater damage. It’s best to take care of these problems right away. When replacing siding you can improve your home’s insulation by installing rigid foam and house wrap behind the vinyl siding.

This will make your home less vulnerable to drafts and inclement weather. Together with quality windows, your siding can greatly reduce your energy bills.

What Do You Need Most?

Ultimately your final decision for your home will have to come down to what you need most. If you can’t hold off on replacing your siding but your windows are still in good shape, it makes sense to replace the siding first. Ideally, you would replace your siding and windows together for the most cost-effective results.

However, it’s worth talking with your carpenter about ways to cut costs and avoid having to pay for things twice. Especially if you plan on working with the same carpenter for both projects.

Discuss your options with at least three reputable companies in your area to see what your best and most affordable options are. Be sure the company carries the proper licensing, liability, and workers’ compensation insurance.

You may also have tax credits available to you for purchasing things like energy-efficient windows.

Upgrade Your Siding and Windows

It goes without saying that replacing your siding and windows together is the most cost-effective plan long term. However, if this isn’t an option for your budget you should opt to replace your windows first.

This would avoid having to re-cap your windows twice and also prevent damage to new siding if you were to replace the windows afterward. Either way, be sure to discuss all of your options with your contractor before getting started.

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