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Work From Home Small Space Ideas for Maximum Productivity

Whether you’re a freelance writer, graphic designer, or just a student who studies best in a coffee shop, you know the importance of finding the right space for getting work done.

image - Work From Home Small Space Ideas for Maximum Productivity
Work From Home Small Space Ideas for Maximum Productivity

I’ve learned over the years that a comfortable chair, good lighting, and an inspiring view are all great ingredients for better results. However, these essential ingredients can be harder to find if you work from home.

Fortunately, small home office ideas for maximizing productivity can help you turn any floor space into a beautiful and functional office. Here’s a pro’s guide to tiny space home office productivity:

Find the Perfect Small Office Space for Your Needs

You don’t need an expansive co-working space to create a productive working environment. Use your favorite home office corners and areas in your home for small, portable, and functional furniture. Space-saving furniture ideas include:

  • Ottoman This small home office idea can serve as a chair, ottoman and side table. A small ottoman has a dual purpose and can remain at the same level while changing positions.
  • Save desk space with desk on wheels Try a rolling desk with open shelves and a large work area for the ultimate combination of portability, aesthetics, and functionality.
  • Storage chairs A multi-purpose chair that allows you to organize, move items and keep your home offices clean.
  • Shelves, cubbies, and drawers Organize your small home office space with living room furniture that doubles as room dividers to create private offices within your dedicated space.

These items are also great for shared spaces as they allow you to section off areas (E g, spare room, vertical storage, living room, dining table, guest bedroom) within your workspace.

Control your Lighting for Your Workspace

Workspaces usually require different lighting than the rest of your home. Here are some tips on how to control the lighting in your workspace. You need to consider your desk area’s square footage first. The smaller the desk area, the less light you will need. If your small desk space is on the smaller side, you can use wall storage to help keep the space feeling open.

Another thing to consider is if you have a sofa bed in your area. If you do, you will want to ensure the doors are closed when you are not using the bed. This will help keep the light in the room from being too bright. If you have built-in storage in your workspace, you can also use a floor lamp to help control the light.

If your space is in an open-plan room, you may want to consider using a blank wall to help control the light. You can do this by hanging a dressing table on the wall. This will help diffuse the light and make the space more inviting.

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Solidify your Color Scheme

If you work from home, you know that sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of tasks and keep your office organized. We’ve heard from our customers that color is a great way to differentiate your wall space from the rest of your home, tricking your brain into thinking you are actually at the office.

For example, white, black, and gray are some of the most popular home/office zone colors. They are neutral so that they won’t distract you, but they also create a clean, crisp look that will make your office feel more open and airier. Gray is also a great color because it will give the room dimension without overpowering the space.

Set up a Standing Desk for Your Dedicated Workspace.

In a small space, it’s all about working with what you’ve got. If you don’t have an unused corner, try setting up your office desk in front of a window. And if you can’t find a bright space with good natural light, invest in a good-quality desk lamp.

The most important thing is ensuring you have enough room to work comfortably. If you’re constantly bumping into things or feeling cramped, you won’t be as productive as you could be.

Hone in on the Details

Small spaces for small space dwellers need small details like little baskets and wooden crates that are perfect for holding paperclips, office supplies, staples, and even pens/pencils.

Personalize your Home Office Setup

The trick to this small home office idea is maximizing your space while making it the place you want to be. The key to small space productivity is function. You can’t waste any space.

  • Don’t hesitate to stack things up. If you have a small corner or vertical space, use your interior design skills by creating a stack of storage boxes that grow taller and taller as you build them up.
  • A whiteboard will allow you to write things down and change them as needed. This way, your small home office ideas are easy to see, but they’re also not permanent, especially if they don’t work out!
  • Tables (kitchen table, slimline desk, compact desk, floating desk, dressing table, etc.) are great if you need to spread things out, but don’t limit yourself to one big desk. Use tables for specific tasks instead of one big table for everything.
  • Full-size file cabinets are great for permanent storage since you don’t have to worry about moving stuff when you move stuff around. If you’re using three-ring binders, add a whiteboard calendar or dry-erase marker board on the front so you can easily replace the tabs if you need to make changes.

Have a Dedicated Office Space For “Me” Time?

One of the best things you can have in a small space is an area in your home that’s just for you. Whether that’s an entire room or just a corner of your bedroom (or office), create a dedicated room/space that makes you feel good. If possible, make sure it’s a calming, inviting place, and has everything you need for a “me” time retreat.

Make it Pretty!

Working in a cramped space can be one of the biggest obstacles to working at home. With so many great office supply stores around, your best bet is to go out and find something you love that will make your whole room (dead space, wasted space, etc.) a little more functional and fun.

Plant Life Around You

Having a plant or two near your functional home office can help you stay energized, creative and focused. Even if you have very little sunlight in your home, you can still bring the outside in by having an indoor plant (or five) in your studio apartment.

It will also help you feel more at home and relaxed when working hard. Using plants as a seasonal decor tool is a great way to brighten up your functional workspace when the time calls for summery pops of color and freshness.

Use What You Have!

Use what you have around the house to create a makeshift workspace. If you have the luxury of a small room as your kitchen, try using some shelves, floating shelves, a dining room table, or even the top of your fridge to store necessary paperwork and knick-knacks. Just make sure these objects are secure!

Complete your Home Office Set Up with The Right Work-At-Home Attire

Work-at-home attire can be a little challenging since you must be comfortable but still look stylish and professional. You might consider wearing attire with elastic at the waist, creative patterns, comfortable shoes, or maybe even a tunic with leggings.

Don’t wear too many layers, though, mainly in warm weather. Try bright colors but not too bright that they can sometimes look dated or just not professional. Get your work-at-home attire and Lunya sets right here.