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Bulk Wrapping Paper Comes in 1/4 Reams, 1/2 Reams, And Full Reams

Christmas is a few months away and it pays to have appropriate supplies before the season comes. For anyone in the gift wrapping or retailing business, having gift wrapping paper handy is a great idea.

Purchasing it in bulk now will save you a great deal of money. It pays to stockpile gift wrapping now to take advantage of off-season sales and discounts. You will also get enough to ensure that your gift wrapping during the high season is covered.

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Wrapping Paper

Types of Gift Wrapping Paper to Purchase in Bulk

Christmas Premium Wrapping Paper

The right supplier will have a range of exclusive wrapping paper with unique prints coordinating with the holiday collection.

There is a chance of getting this top quality wrapping paper with matching tissues, shopping bags, and gift boxes.

Ensure that these are made with about 40 percent of recycled paper to encourage eco-friendly holiday packaging.

Holiday Counter Roll Specials

You can’t afford to miss some high-quality counter convenience wrapping paper for the holiday. Keep in mind that this is usually on high demand and it is available while stocks last.

This wrapping paper comes in large 24 x 417 inches 1/2 ream rolls. With this, you can wrap approximately 175 to 200 gifts.

It usually comes to shrink-wrapped, unlike others that come in boxes. Each 85-inch roll of holiday counter convenience wrapping paper wraps about 50 gifts.

Christmas Stone Wrapping Paper

When you are to order bulk wrapping paper, you can opt for stone wrap made from 75 percent limestone and 25 percent polyethylene.

This kind of wrapping paper is not from trees. It is made from limestone which is a mining byproduct usually discarded. People love this gift wrapping paper for its high-quality matte finish.

This makes the gift wrap waterproof, soft, and recyclable. This gift wrap is made from imported materials but very easy to cut with scissors or to fold.

Kraft Gift Wrap

This comes with various patterns and designs including metallic, shadow stripe, and gloss color. A reliable supplier will have a deluxe 50-lb colored gift wrap to enhance the appearance of your gifts.

Kraft wrapping paper is a great option for being made on sustainable paper from forests. It comes in great Christmas colors for exceptionally green holiday gift wrapping.

Sullivan Christmas Wrapping Paper

This gift wrapping paper is available in 60-lb paper and beautifully embossed with gorgeous designs and vibrant colors.

A reliable supplier will have this kind of gift wrap in luxurious and premium quality finishes. This gorgeous wrapping paper is available in various counter roll sizes and reams including ¼, ½, and full ream.

Why Purchase Bulk Gift Wrapping Paper Now

Cost Savings

Buying single rolls of paper multiple times during the time of need is not a great idea. Consider buying more rolls or reams to enjoy massive discounts for the whole lot.

There is a chance of getting them at a good price for every roll. Buying holiday gift wrap paper wholesale in bulk is more cost-saving.

You will save a significant amount that you can use to make more purchases. Purchasing holiday gift wrapping paper now will give you peace of mind when the busy season comes.

No Worry About the Quality

Suppliers usually sell gift wrap at a lower price during the low season to attract customers. Some customers believe that all low priced goods are of lower quality.

This is not true for this situation where smart customers take advantage of the low season to stock holiday gift wrap.

Suppliers justify the low price since the price of packaging is considerably low and it allows them to sell more reams of wrapping paper to individual customers.

Chance to Make More Sales

The only difference when buying holiday gift wrap now is the convenience and cost savings.

During the busy holiday season, you will have peace of mind having all the wrapping paper you need for your clients.

This will give you time to focus on other activates leading to more sales. As your competitors are very busy getting necessary supplies including gift wrap, you will be ready to serve any customer as they come in.


Apart from cost savings, purchasing gift wrapping paper in bulk today saves time in the future. You can purchase gift wrap in the estimated quantities today. There is a chance of getting everything you need before it runs out of stock at a fair price.

Additionally, buying gift wrapping paper early helps you avoid queues and delays. These might even make you end up with less gift wrap than you wanted because of high demand.


Purchasing wrapping paper for the holidays in bulk is saving for the busy season. Apart from the convenience, you will save a great deal of time and money.

Having all gift wrap paper handy before the busy holiday comes will save you from a lot of hassles. In addition, it will give you the chance to focus on catering to customers; needs leading to more sales.

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