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10 Must-Dos for Creating an Amazing Travel Video

Travel triggers a lot of emotion in people like us who have been bitten by the ‘wander-lust-bug’. To get a break from our monotonic routine and to rediscover our inner self, most of us choose to travel to rejuvenate ourselves.

Now, that’s entirely your choice whether you want to travel solo or with that incredible group of friends, but there is something familiar with all sorts of travelers. We try hard to seal the memories forever. Making a travel video is a great idea to create a gateway to revisit those amazing days.

image - 10 Must-Dos for Creating an Amazing Travel Video
10 Must-Dos for Creating an Amazing Travel Video

But how does a person make a travel video? What to shoot and what can be avoided? These are exactly those questions that I had during my first ever trip with my friends, and I would love to share those experiences with my fellow readers.

Let’s try and find out some easy ways to make a phenomenal travel video.

1. Plan

The amount of time you have spent on planning your travel should be directly proportional to the amount of time you put on preparing your video. From knowing your target audience to know the stuff which is going to get captured all should be planned.

Know the genre of your video and decide what kind of work you are interested in? Are you interested in making a travel blog? Or is it going to be a summary of the trip with suitable music? These questions should be answered before you pack your bags.

2. Know Your Audience

This is another crucial aspect that should be taken care of. If the video is for helping people when they visit that location, then try to add narratives and personal experiences in the video as well.

On the other hand, if it is about showcasing that particular place, keep the video more focused on the mesmerizing locations.

3. Be Acquainted with Your Camera

This comes from personal experience. During our trip, we had that one friend in our group who was eager to shoot every possible thing on his new camera.

From trekking to the bonfire, he captured them all, and we were happy posing around and getting candids to add in our video.

While coming back, when we were checking out those pictures, we came across some amazing features of that camera which we never knew existed. Yes, we were really at a loss of words for some time.

DON’T DO THIS TO YOURSELF. Before starting your trip, spend the right amount of time with your camera. Know all its features and be comfortable in using them. You never know which function will enhance the beauty of your ‘captured happiness’.

4. Be Features-friendly

To cut some time in the editing process, avoid making all the clips in the normal mode. Like, if you want to include clips of trekking and tent building in your video, and then shoot them in the time-lapse mode.

The bonfire looks amazing in the slow-mo frame and the Maggie party with the guitar boy over the bonfire, obviously in the normal frame. Be creative with the shots.

5. Smart Shoot

Okay, so how about shooting the entire trip and then editing it as per requirement when you return back? Trust me; if you do this, your editing process is going to be more than hectic.

Also, you will not enjoy your trip as per your expectations. Shoot everything that is necessary, but doesn’t shoot everything.

Don’t shoot your friend who went to buy sweets or the one who is sleeping in the car because ‘he feels like vomiting.’

I mean, definitely, put the focus on them and create memories and tales that they and their children will know about, but don’t put that in the travel video.

Shoot videos but also take pictures. Taking snaps and adding them with proper effects highlights not only the details but also enhances the look of the film.

6. Maintain a Flow

Once you reach your destination, try to remember the blueprint of your video that you have planned. Some parts of the video can be intended but keep most of them natural.

On that Kodaikanal trip, we reached the station at 5 in the morning. The station was around 80 Km away from the town, so; we took a cab.

We got the opportunity to see the sunrise from that hilly road. We took a halt and enjoyed that moment. That morning clip with sunrise gave an amazing start to our video.

So, try to maintain a natural flow while shooting. Don’t think that you will start shooting when you reach the points but capture the candids as well. Shoot as much relevant content as you can to get abundant material to edit from.

7. Relax

Once you are done shooting, relax. Don’t judge your work before editing it to make the final video. If you ponder something is not up to the mark, don’t delete it before you reach your editing table.

Keep your work 100% secure because during the editing process; you will need more and more material. Only, when the final work is ready, you can decide to get rid of some snaps and clips. Before that, everything is essential.

8. Video Audio Balance

Once you have shortlisted the clips and snaps to be included in your travel video, select suitable music to compliment the genre of the video.

There are various video makers with music apps that can help you to find the appropriate music for your video. Don’t overdo or underdo. Try to maintain a balance. Don’t add extremely loud or extremely relaxing music. Choose wisely.

9. Duration

Travel videos can be exciting and tempt people to visit that place on their next trip but also can be annoying if it is too long and repetitive.

Try to make your video no longer than 3 minutes. A short video with varied content can be super useful and engaging.

10. Wrap Up

Once your work is ready, it’s time to figure out where you are going to publish it. Invideo is a fantastic option and my personal favorite too.

This online video editor helps to make professional videos from amazing templates and music. It is one of the best video editing software for YouTubeYoutube Vanced APK. Apart from that, it has various templates for various purposes, which gives a professional touch to all your hard work.

So, enjoy every bit of your travel and be creative in your own unique way. Use proper editing apps and be well acquainted with your purpose. You will end up making one of the best videos of your life.

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