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Housewarming Party Ideas for 2020

New house, new life. And what better way to release it than with a party! So you will also have the opportunity to show your skills as a perfect hostess.

The Americans call this type of event a “housewarming party” as it is a way that the spaces of the new house are warm and welcoming from the first moment.

Call your best friends, decorate the house in an original way, and let the party begin! It can be a brunch, an aperitif, snack, or dinner… the important thing is that everyone knows the house and has an unforgettable time.

image - Housewarming Party Ideas for 2020
Housewarming Party Ideas for 2020

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Painting the Room

why not create a theme that is both funny and practical: repainting a room. Involving family and friends in the decorative process of your new home will help you feel less stressed about the move.

You can also ask your guests to come dressed very elegantly or on the contrary dressed anyhow (laughs guaranteed)!


If your new house has a garden, why not organize something outdoors, with the theme “lunch on the grass” or “English tea in the garden”?

Personally, one of our favorite themes remains the “cocktail” theme, where you invite your friends, in their best outfits, and ask them to bring back the ingredients to create their favorite cocktail.

Swedish Table

Preparing for the housewarming party at home requires a little organization. The possibilities are endless but for this occasion, we opted to make it a ‘Swedish table’ or buffet. In this way, everything is very comfortable.

The ‘Swedish table’ consists of preparing a large table where you will put all the dishes with food, snacks, and other dishes that the guests bring. The table is best placed next to a wall so that it does not occupy the entire space and guests can move more freely.

Traditional Meal

Here, you have to take into account the style of your party and the time when you invite your loved ones. If there are few guests, you can prepare a traditional meal with several services.

In any case, make sure you have enough seating for everyone. You may need to borrow folding chairs from some of your friends.


When you have a yard or patio, a barbecue is a good option. In this case, you will only have to marinate your meat in advance (chicken breasts, chops, burgers, sausages, skewers, etc.) and install a cooking attendant.

Guests can then place their order and accompany their choice of salads, bread, and raw vegetables.

Dinner Cocktail

Generally, during a housewarming party, we give an hour for the start of the party, but the guests arrive and leave as they see fit. It is an “open-house” without clear limits.

For this reason, we often favor the cocktail reception: this option allows you to add dishes as the number of guests increases.

Food Trucks

If you have too many guests it is better for everyone to choose and take their food and eat it on their own, standing or at a table. If you have the option to rent one or more food trucks you should go for it as this could reduce your hassle.

Give an Original Touch to the Bar With Plastic Curtains

If you put a bar counter and see that it does not fit very well in the middle of a field area, hide it by decorating it with something like one colored giant curtain.

Evening Games

In addition to the traditional board games, many games exist to transform a housewarming party into a unique experience while allowing everyone to participate. Try to organize the place according to the proposed activities.

Why not even requisition several rooms in the house for a treasure hunt? Hide a few gifts for your guests in different places and give them clues (but not too many) to help them find them!

Also take advantage of the fact that you do not yet have all your furniture and that you, therefore, have a lot of floor space to organize a Twister party… After opening the champagne of course!

Movies and Series

An idea behind the house present at personalized moving announcements on a cocktail is to put on an afternoon night of movies and series. Here are some movie names to make the event a success:

  • Friends – 1994/2004
  • How I Met Your Mother – 2005/2014
  • The Big Bang Theory – 2007
  •  Modern Family – 2009
  • The Apartment  – 1960
  • Something’s Happening with Mary  – 1998
  • The Blues Brothers – 1998
  • Grand Hotel Budapest – 2014

Take Care of Your Guests

A party is nothing without the guests. They come excited to the house opening party so you have to give them all the attention and give them the welcome they deserve.

  • Invite your family and friends with a personalized moving announcement. Having a personal touch in the invitation will make them feel ‘wanted’.
  • The party starts at the same door. A funny poster with a picture of a little house painted by yourself can be an original idea. Of course, you have to include the word welcome!
  • At the entrance of the new house, you can not miss flowers. A good bouquet of tulips, daisies, or violets will be perfect at the entrance and will give it a natural touch. Plants are also ideal.
  • Organize a tour of the house to get to know it and feel at home!
  • Decorate the walls of the new house with ‘before and after photos’ or make a kind of ‘making of’. The guests will love to see how the house was when you arrived and how it looks after decorating it.
  • Place a piece of slate on the walls and leave some colored chalk for the guests to write messages to you. It will be a very special signature book.
  • Take pictures with the guests and you can keep them in your album to recall these sweet memories over and over.
  • Prepare simple party favors with personalized thank-you cards to give your guests after the housewarming as a small token of appreciation for their presence and well wishes.


If you don’t already want to make enemies, you may want to warn your new neighbors that you’re hosting a party and that there might be some noise.

It is also a good opportunity to meet them: invite them to come and have a drink with you during the evening.

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