Featured of 3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Water Purification System

3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Water Purification System

Many homeowners spend a considerable amount of time and money not only on upkeep but by making improvements to their homes during their ownership. But, many of their upgrades simply improve the appearance of their home and offer no real functional benefit.

3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Water Purification System

Why Your Home Needs a Water Purification System

3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Water Purification System

There are a few home improvements that do create functional upgrades though. Adding a house-wide water purification system is one of them.

The Functional Benefits of Water Softeners

Water purification systems are sometimes called water softeners and even water filters. Here are three reasons why softer water is a home improvement worth the initial investment.

Save Money on Clothes

It may sound strange that by adding a water purification system to your home can help you and your family same money on clothes. But, it’s a very real fact.

The reality is that if your home has what is commonly referred to as hard water, meaning the water supply has a lot of excess minerals, then your clothes wear out faster. What happens is that all of those extra little minerals like calcium cause damage every time you wash your clothes.

All of that damage shortens the lifespan of your clothing. It also makes them generally look duller than they would when washed in soft water.

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Save Money on Repairs

Another problem when you have hard water running through the plumbing system in your home is that it can actually damage that very system. Water that is full of excess minerals such as calcium and magnesium tends to slowly leave some of those extra minerals in the pipes it runs through.

Over time, all of the buildups negatively affects the pipes. It can harden and be almost impossible to clean. And, if it gets too heavy, it will drastically affect the water pressure in your home. If it gets too bad, you will need to replace the pipes.

Additionally, that very same hard water that slowly damages your house’s pipes also runs through certain appliances. Washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators were not manufactured to handle mineral heavy water. If they use hard water for too long, they will eventually clog and require repair or even replacement.

Even your Keurig coffee machine will last longer when you use soft water instead of hard water.

Save Money on Bath & Body Products

While it may be easy to understand after a little thought on how a water softening system can help keep your clothes looking newer longer as well as minimizing the damage to your pipes and appliances, you probably never thought that it could also help you spend less on bath and body products like shampoo. However, when you consider that you wash your hair with the very same water that runs through your house’s pipes, it’s easier to understand.

Hard water can do as much damage to your hair as it can your clothes. Many people compensate by spending lots of extra money on premium shampoos and conditioners to try and counteract the damage, not realizing the true root of the problem.

By making the initial investment into adding a quality water softening system to your home you save money each and every time you shop for bath and body products because you will quickly come to the conclusion you don’t need the extremely expensive premium products anymore. All of that adds up and the savings really snowball.

In Summary

Many homeowners instantly lean to considering adding new hardwood floors or buying a bigger flat screen TV when it comes to making some type of improvement to their living situation. And, while it’s true they can make you more pleased with your home, many of these types of improvements don’t serve many functions.

However, adding a water softening system serves a lot of functions. It increases the longevity of your pipes, appliances, and clothing and it’s better for you hair and even your skin. All of this means that over time it is going to save you a whole lot of money by limiting the repairs and replacements you’ll need to make as well as allow you to stop overpaying for premium bath and body products.

It’s truly one of the only home improvements that have a positive return on investment.

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