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4 HVAC Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Your HVAC system is likely the most expensive appliance you run in your home—and it likely creates one of the highest bills you see each month.

While most homeowners are aware that opting for a higher-efficiency system would net their significant savings, most of us don’t have the funds to cover the cost.

So how can you save on heating and air conditioning with the system you have?

image - 4 HVAC Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know
4 HVAC Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Fortunately, a few simple HVAC tips can help you take steps to lower your hefty utility bills over time. Here are the best practices you should put into place.

1. Routine Maintenance Is Key

There are many ways to ensure that your home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is working properly. If you have an older home, and the HVAC has not been professionally maintained in the last couple of years, then there’s a good chance that it could be costing you more money than it’s worth. You’re also putting yourself and your family at risk when your HVAC system is neglected.

It’s tempting to let your routine HVAC maintenance slide when you’re dealing with a busy schedule, but preventative maintenance is the key to keeping costly repairs at bay.

You can do most basic maintenance tasks yourself, from changing your filter on a regular basis to ensuring that your external unit stays clean.

However, you’ll want to consider hiring a Dallas Air Conditioner Repair company to come out to service your system twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall—for the best results.

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2. Operate at Optimum Temperatures

Wondering how to save on HVAC costs? Want to stop paying for expensive repairs? One easy thing to do is to set your thermostat at the right temperature.

Your owner’s manual will come with a list of settings designated as optimum or energy-efficient, so stick with those when you’re programming your thermostat. Making your system heat or cool outside of this range can have your entire system struggling to keep up.

If you don’t have your manufacturer’s literature on hand, check with local specialists to see what options work for your system and regional weather. For temperature concerns with their HVAC residents can try this company.

3. Seal Your Home

Even the most efficient HVAC system means nothing if you’re letting all your cool or hot air escape. Air leaks make your entire unit struggle to keep up with your needs, so grab some caulk and check your windows and doors for the best results.

If you think properly insulating the ducts in your home is a good way to improve HVAC efficiency, you’re absolutely right. These are the pipes that take the hot air out of your house and bring the cold air in when the air is heated. It’s important that these pipes are sealed because the hot and cold air cannot both flow freely in and out of the home. This will cause huge problems with the heating and cooling systems and will cost you a lot of money in energy bills over the years.

In addition, you should inspect your insulation to make sure it’s enough for your needs, especially if you have an older home.

4. Clean Your Vents and Ducts

Homeowners should make sure that their HVAC ducts are cleaned on a regular basis to reduce the risk of allergy-related asthma attacks. When you keep your ducts clean, your home will be healthier, and your family will be happier!

If you want to keep your system running smoothly, it’s crucial to remove any barriers to air circulation. We mentioned replacing your air filter is one step in your regular basic maintenance, but you should also make sure to clear other areas as well.

Vacuum the vents and registers throughout your home any time they begin to accumulate dust.

You should also have a professional come out to clean your ducts once every few years or as needed, as dust-ridden ducts can invite mold, bacteria, and small pests into your home.

It’s recommended that homeowners who own an HVAC system get it serviced professionally, at least, once a year. Scheduling service is easy. Just call an air duct cleaning and repair company, and tell them the system details.

Make the Most of These HVAC Tips

If your goal is to avoid costly repairs and to lower your monthly utility bills, you’ll need to put in the time and effort. These HVAC tips may require a chunk of your busy schedule, but they’ll keep your investment running more smoothly for longer.

If you haven’t already started with these habits, now is the time!

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