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How to Clean Construction Dust: A Simple Guide

One of the greatest truisms in life applies heavily to home renovations: It’s always something. A wall is a bit too big, a pipe runs the wrong way, they have two square feet less of the counter material you love than you need.

image - How to Clean Construction Dust: A Simple Guide
How to Clean Construction Dust: A Simple Guide

At the end of it, when everything else is complete and the renovation matches the picture in your head, you notice the dust. It sticks to everything and leaves a tiny hade of ick to your beautiful vision.

Wondering how to clean construction dust and wipe out that one last thing?

This guide will walk you through that last ‘something’.

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How to Clean Construction Dust

Construction dust is more voracious than your usual household dust. It comes in greater quantities and it tends to accumulate in places you can’t easily reach. Construction dust also poses greater allergen threats from foreign materials.

Renovating is the second most popular construction activity and by far the dirtiest. Unlike outdoor jobs or new construction, the completed space is enclosed and meant to be lived in immediately. All of this leaves more mess inside.

Collect Gear

The first thing you need for post remodel cleaning is tools.

You probably have most on-hand but it’s important to take extra care to avoid issues.

  • Dryer sheets (used)
  • Towels
  • Broom
  • Mop
  • Cleansers (selected for your specific surfaces)
  • Vacuum
  • and face masks

That last one is extra important. These particles are usually tiny and easily cause irritation, they’re one of the reasons you are doing this cleanup.

If you can afford it or if you are extra sensitive to particles hire a cleaning service like Pristine Cleaning Services. They’ll do excellent work and you avoid issues.

There are various types of shop vacuum for drywall dust in the market which will be also very helpful for cleaning Construction Dust. 

Top-Down is the Way

Dust accumulates where it lands, but it still gets affected by gravity.

A vacuum with attachment is your first weapon. Start high and work down across each surface area. This will take up the loose dust and help draw floating particles out of the air before they settle (which prevents you from needing to do a second cleaning).

After vacuuming is completed, you want to wash things with simple soap and warm water. Use towels and cloths, sponges work poorly because of the pores.


After construction, clean up of floors gets precarious.

Some of the particles are surprisingly sharp and also pernicious. They will hide in carpets and scuff up a wood floor.

Vacuuming isn’t usually enough, just like the top to bottom, you want suction and some water. Steam cleaning is the better bet.

For hard surfaces, you still want to do vacuuming to remove particles before mopping. You want to mop damp, not wet so it will suck up and not wash the particles into edges.

Finish up your clean with a pass with old dryer sheets. These static cling loving objects do excellent finalizing work.

Vents and the Unseen

Lastly, your HVAC or other internal air systems need to be addressed. Any construction and construction clean up will kick some gunk into the vents. This will then circulate around the house.

Vacuum inside the vent specifically, not just around the edge or along the grate. Where possible you also want to do some warm water/soap wiping.

Live Your Dream

Your dream renovation is finally complete, all the ‘somethings’ are dealt with. It’s also handy to remember how to clean construction dust for any deep clean project.

Check back here for more ideas and tips about your word.

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