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How to Vacuum Your Home Like a Pro

We are all expected to vacuum our homes. However, not everyone is a pro in this area. Consequently, our living spaces don’t always end up how we want them to look. You don’t have to worry about this anymore because we have the solution for you.

image - How to Vacuum Your Home Like a Pro
How to Vacuum Your Home Like a Pro

Yes, anyone can vacuum their home like a professional and the best part is that you can do so within a few hours.

Simply follow our tips and tricks on how to vacuum your home like a pro and enjoy a cleaner, more comfortable living space.

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Generally, you cannot thoroughly clean your home as you want in just a day – especially with our fast-paced lives. Instead, you can create a schedule you can follow throughout the week to distribute the time and to ensure you give each task proper attention.

Doing so also cuts down the overall hours needed because you will not tire out quickly. You can follow this schedule for just about any home, no matter the size.  You should follow the step below in the same order to ensure the tasks do not overlap with each other;

  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean the ceilings and walls
  • Dust
  • Vacuum or mop the floors

This scheduling order is chosen for a reason. For example, if you vacuum your floors before cleaning the ceiling and walls, your efforts will be rendered useless.

This is because after vacuuming,  going back to clean your walls and ceiling will mean that some of the dirt will fall on the floor which you just clean. So, you will have to redo the floor again. To avoid this redundancy, follow the steps above.

Vacuum Your Way Out

This step should also be added to the golden rule book of cleaning because it is important for any type of cleaning whether you are vacuuming, mopping, or clearing cobwebs from the ceiling. When you are cleaning, you should always work your way out of the house.

So, when you begin vacuuming, start with the bedrooms, move to the hallways, then, move to the living room and dining space, then, work your way out towards the front door. Again, following this step ensures that your work is not redundant because you don’t have to go back and forth in the same way.

Have Supporting Tools With You

Invest in a small plastic caddy (or even a tool belt with large pockets) that you can easily carry around with you as you vacuum.

These allow you to stash in tools that can help you along the way during your vacuuming. These tools a glass cleaner, a carpet cleaner, cleaning cloths, and other similar tools.

For example, you are vacuuming in your bedroom and you notice a smudge on your window that you missed when you were cleaning them. You can quickly wipe clean the window with the glass cleaner and a clean cloth.

Or maybe, you notice a smudge on your carpet; you can simply pull out your carpet cleaner, spray it on the carpet, scrub it a little bit and continue vacuuming. This practice also allows you to scan through your space for the second time after wiping the walls, ceiling, and windows to ensure everything is clean and in order.

Invest In a Good Quality Vacuum Cleaner

You can’t clean your home efficiently if you don’t have good quality tools. You want a good functioning vacuum that is durable and efficiently functioning.

Depending on the size of your home, think about the filter bag size, the cord length, cord design (for example, swivel cord), and even power consumption.

All these details tell you a lot about how your vacuums will perform. There are many types of vacuums, whether you want to go for a classic bagged vacuum cleaner or bagless vacuum cleaner.

Cordless Electric Vacuum Technology

In the time since this post was published, cordless electric home appliances have been massively improved. This has led to an increased demand for lightweight cordless machines, and also a lot of robot vacuum cleaners!

A quick look online will show you that there are plenty of options to choose from, such as this one, which is a very popular model in the UK and a competitor to Dyson.

Cordless electric vacuums come in a variety of makes, models, and designs. For example, you can get both bagged and bagless ones. Bagged will be better for those who have dust sensitivities and allergies, as they keep more dust in the vacuum vs a bagless model.

Your choice of vacuum will depend largely on your vacuuming habits, house size, and frequency of use. For those with larger homes that are mainly carpeted, you will need a more powerful machine and one which runs for longer compared to someone living in a small, hardwood floored apartment.

Keep all of these key points in mind when looking to purchase any new cordless appliance.


During the vacuuming stage, it’s not only the floors that you will be vacuuming. You will also be vacuuming through decor and furniture. However, like always, you should know what steps to follow during vacuuming to prevent redundancies. Follow the steps below;

  • Begin by vacuuming decor such as lamp shades
  • Vacuum the upholstered furniture such as your sofas and dining chairs
  • Vacuum edged and corned areas first
  • Vacuum carpeted space
  • Vacuum hard floors – use a canister vacuum for the best results if you have hard floors

After cleaning the decor and furniture, move all obstacles including the furniture out of the way before you start vacuuming the corners and the floor. This is because removing the obstacles allows you to easily access the entire space.

It also allows you to significantly cut down on the time it takes you to vacuum because you don’t have any obstacles to address.

For example, if you don’t move the furniture out of the way, it will mean that you have to keep turning off the vacuum, move your dining chairs, and begin vacuuming. Then, repeat the step again and again until you are done – this is very exhausting!

And as usual, work your way out. Begin the vacuuming process from the bedrooms, hallway, kitchen, living room, and dining room and out to the front door

How to Maintain the Cleanliness

Before you begin celebrating your cleaning success, it must dawn on you how to maintain the same level of cleanliness and neatness in your home. Well, it’s easy.

First, create a schedule that you follow as a ritual. The cleaning schedule entirely depends on your hours – you can clean at whatever time you want. Yet, you should adopt a clean as you go lifestyle to prevent your house from being too dirty.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to walk around with a vacuum or broom on your hand. It simply means that you should practice cleaning after yourself.

Wipe off the lampshade from time to time after watching TV in the living room, dust off the sofa when you are done reading that book. These tasks literally take seconds to complete.

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