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3 Models You Should Consider Before Buying An Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Considering upright vacuum models that are presented on the market, we are sure you want to purchase a vacuum cleaner that has the right features according to your needs. Be realistic in figuring out what features are vital for you and your family.

image - 3 Models You Should Consider Before Buying An Upright Vacuum Cleaner
3 Models You Should Consider Before Buying An Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Different models have different features. Some are optimized for pet hair, others have a modern design or are converted into portable vacuum cleaners, and some can adapt to a specific type of floor covering.

We suggest you consider three popular models of upright vacuum cleaners that have high user ratings.

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Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • The Zero-M self-cleaning brush roll for nonstop hair removal.
  • Lift-Away mode (when detaching the canister) for cleaning above-floor areas like furniture and stairs.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA filter handles dust and allergens.
  • Cord length: 25 feet.
  • 5-year warranty.

You will agree that we all have a different version of the best upright vacuum cleaner, but when it comes to Shark Navigator ZU561, it ticks all the boxes. It is one of the best models among Shark upright vacuums.

Affordable price and incredibly lightweight design make this Shark Navigator upright vacuum stand out from rest. It will easily leave behind even machines that cost a whole a lot more.

It utilizes Zero-M technology that removes hair wrap from the brush roll on the go. It also weighs only 13-pounds.

Another super handy option is that with a click and clip, the Shark Navigator will be converted into a very easy to use handheld canister vacuum. That way, it is easy to reach even the most remote parts of any room.

It also features a reasonably long 25-foot cord for any delicate area. With Complete Seal, HEPA and anti-allergen filters, this model will leave the air in your home free of the smallest dust particles and allergens.

Another reason why this handy bagless vacuum cleaner stands out from the rest is the extremely long warranty period. In SharkNinja company, they are so confident in the durability and functionalities of their products that they are happy to give a trustworthy 5-year warranty.

Shark Navigator has a sleek design which may not be that important for its performance but definitely will motivate you to use it more often in your clearing adventures.

If features you are looking for are lightweight and perfect air filtration, then Shark Navigator ZU561 can be the best bagless upright vacuum cleaner for you.

Customer review:

“The Shark is by far my favorite of all the vacuums I’ve used. The rotator feature makes it easy to turn it into tight spaces or straight areas like furniture and walls.

The container means you don’t have to buy (or run out of) bags. The power cord is longer than most uprights I’ve used. It has plenty of accessories for all the cleaning jobs you’ll need.

This model has an interesting feature in that the ‘off/on’ switch also toggles hard floor or carpet modes. A slide control takes a bit of power off if you are on a carpet that’s difficult to vacuum due to nap. To me, it feels very light to use, and it is easier to take the canister off than an earlier model I owned.” – Brent B.

Kenmore Elite 31150 – Best for Pet Lovers or Those Having Allergies

  • Great aesthetics – this model is among the most stylish on the market.
  • Best value for money – Currently one of the best price to value ratio on the market.
  • LED headlights to help you see dust and dirt easier.
  • Very Long Cord Length of 35 feet.
  • Triple HEPA filtration and AAFA certified – perfect if you are fighting allergies or have pets.
  • Sees dirt you don’t see: Infrared dirt sensor alarms on dirt and turns of once it is cleaned.
  • 3 Attachments and extended reach – help you extend reach up to 10 feet.

Today market is bombarded with different bagless vacuum cleaner models. They still have one major downside worth mentioning – with a bagless model, you will for sure be exposed to allergens when emptying the tank. It is not ideal for people who want a hypoallergenic environment.

This is the moment when bagged models jump in. Kenmore Elite 31150 is one of the best bagged upright vacuum models out there. It features a very stylish design, and when it comes to HEPA filtered cleaners, it is one of the best.

We have to mention that you should be ready to buy a few extra begs per month for this model if you are cleaning on a regular base. They are not expensive, especially compared to other models. You will get several bags with your initial purchase, but very soon you will need to restock with it.

Another great feature is the use of triple HEPA filtration, and these filters you can also buy separately. Kenmore elite pet-friendly 31150 will make your home a perfect place for any allergic person.

It improves the overall quality of the air and the whole environment, regardless of the number of pets you got. When it comes to pets, this Kenmore Elite vacuum is one of the best upright vacuums for pet hair.

One of the advanced features is a dirt sensor. Whenever you leave the spot dirty, this great feature will activate the LED light. It will light up that particular region requiring more attention and additional cleaning.

It is good to mention that Kenmore’s upright vacuum is not really lightweight as it weighs around 20 pounds so it is not that easy to maneuver with it in tight spaces. Another downside is that you will be getting only 1 year of warranty for this product, a bit less than other models on the market.

If you don’t find short warranty as an issue, then this model can be the best bagged upright vacuum for you on the market, especially if you are a pet lover and share your home with furry friends or friends.

Customer review:

“Easy to use right out of the box. not at all hard to put the few pieces together. works great. The suction is awesome. also, like the telescoping hose wand. the little add on pet hair thing for the hose works well, also. like the length of the cord.” – Susan D.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

  • Unrivaled Dyson suction – well known to be one of best on market.
  • Light to maneuver.
  • Very long Cord Length of 31 feet.
  • Option to empty the bin with one push of a button.
  • Ball Technology with HEPA filter.

If you discuss Vacuum cleaner manufacturer, Dyson will usually be at the very top of the list. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is not a cheap vacuum, for sure.

Realistically Dyson appliances will never be cheap as they are not trying to build the cheapest one but rather the best one out there. And we can say that they are on the right path.

Dyson proudly claims that Ball Animal 2 features the strongest suction of all vacuums. We cannot vouch for it, but definitely, when it comes to suction, from our experience, it beats all other upright vacuum cleaners. This upright vacuum stands out from rest with a fantastic air filtration system.

Using its radial root cyclonic technology, it removes dust particles and allergens before they even enter the dust cup. As a result, we have superior air quality and at the same time reducing a buildup of dirt in the filters. On top of it, emptying the large capacity dust cup is super easy.

The dust cup will remain completely sealed when you unclip it from the vacuum. Cover at the bottom opens when you press down the release clip. You won’t have dust exposed until you open it by holding it over the trash can and then press the release button.

It’s super hygienic and very convenient. Clearly, a feature that nominates this model as one of the best vacuums for people with allergens.

Design from a future will attract your attention way before you get to know its powerful features. Just by its look, you will realize Dyson upright vacuum is way ahead of its time.

It is a bit pricey which is justified with the strong performance according to Dyson vacuum reviews on the internet, and the 5-year warranty period will be the assurance you won’t need to invest money in cleaning in near future.

If you are not looking for a budget option, and you are not concerned about a price tag, this dominant model will tick all the boxes for being the best bagless upright vacuum cleaner on the market.

Customer review:

“AMAZING vacuum! I have owned a Dyson vacuum before and that one lasted almost 10 years but I had noticed it wasn’t picking up as well as it had in the past. This one is great! After one round of my house, it was very clear my last one wasn’t picking up at all! Love love loves this vacuum!!!” – Janis F.

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