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How to Clean Baseboards, The Best Way to Keep Baseboard Clean

How to Clean Baseboards — Most people like to have a clean house. The condition of cleanliness of a house can be judged by its baseboards. Though it is a hard task to clean the dirty baseboards, you can make it easier by following these tips about the best way on how to clean baseboards.

Installing baseboard - How to Clean Baseboards
Installing baseboard – How to Clean Baseboards

Clean the House, How to Clean Baseboards

To see how clean a house is, you should observe the baseboards in the house. If the baseboards in a house are sparkling clean, it reflects that the house owner is really taking pains to keep her house clean.

The baseboard is the area where the floors meet the walls. This is the area which accumulates large amounts of dust and dirt. As it is quite a hard task to clean them, people often overlook them in routine cleaning. What is the best way to clean the baseboards? and how to clean baseboards?

You can easily clean the baseboards in your house using a few simple tips. If you regularly clean the baseboards, it won’t be a time-consuming and tedious job at all. If you keep postponing their cleaning, it would be hard to scrape off the stuck dust particles.

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Supplies Needed on “How to Clean Baseboards

  1. A vacuum cleaner with brush and hose attachment
  2. An all-purpose home cleaner
  3. Two rags
  4. A pan or tub of warm water
How to Clean Baseboards — How to clean walls
How to Clean Baseboards — How to Clean Walls

Steps on How to Clean Baseboards

Start with the easiest part of the job when cleaning the baseboard.

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner with hose and brush attachment to clean off as many dust particles and pet hair as possible. Make sure to use the brush attachment with the hose; otherwise, it may scratch off the paint on the baseboard.
  2. After you are done with vacuuming, take a clean rag and dip it in the warm water. Wring out the excess water out of the rag. Use this damp rag to wipe clean the baseboards. It will clean the remaining dust particles which are clinging there.
  3. For more stubborn areas on the baseboards, use a solution of the warm water and a gentle all-purpose cleaner. This cleaner should be gentle enough for all kinds of surfaces. Dip the second rag in this solution, and scrub the baseboards one more time, especially the stubborn areas.

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Best Ways on How to Clean Baseboards

To scrub the baseboard, you will require some type of cleaner. Start with a soapy solution. If it does not seem effective, try these clever tricks and tips.

  1. Once you have wiped the baseboards clean, use a fabric softener sheet to wipe them again. This action creates a static charge which prevents the dust particles from adhering to the baseboards.
  2. Use automobile wax to prevent the dust particles from clinging on the baseboards. Apply the wax on the just-cleaned baseboards, and wipe them to make that area smooth. This application of wax reduces the surface tension on the baseboards, and the dust particles will not stick there easily. Wherever the dust particles settle can be easily cleaned with a simple vacuuming.
  3. You can make an effective cleaning solution by mixing one cup white vinegar and five cups of water. Dip a rag in this solution and clean the baseboards.
  4. When working with any cleaning solution on how to clean baseboards, always wear gloves to protect your hands from caustic chemicals.
  5. Accidental inhaling, consuming, or touching of these cleaning solutions can be hazardous; to avoid this, keep small kids away from the work area, and store the solutions in a child-proof location.

Now that you know the best way on how to clean baseboards, keeping this area neat and tidy will be a breeze. To learn more about making your own household cleaners, please read “Bleach Solutions for House Cleaning.”

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