A home is an investment. This is a place where someone eats, sleeps, loves, and lives, but the home should also be treated as a nest egg. Home values are always on the rise, and one day the owner may decide it’s time to sell.

image - 5 Proven Strategies for Increasing Your Home's Value

5 Proven Strategies for Increasing Your Home’s Value

By using the following strategies to increase the value of the home, the homeowner can get the most out of their investment when the big selling day comes.

An Updated Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

An updated kitchen is a happy kitchen, and a happy kitchen sells. Even if the homeowner is keeping the home, they need to keep the kitchen up to date.

Kitchen remodels greatly improve the home value, and an old, outdated kitchen can have the value plummeting. That old stained plastic countertop is still going to look dingy, dirty, and dated no matter how much they are scrubbed.

Bring that kitchen into this decade by looking for Custom Cut Stone Near Me. New countertops, cabinet doors, kitchen hardware, and even appliances are a quick and easy fix that can help sellers get a big return on their investment.

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An Energy Efficient Remodel

Many home buyers want to know what they will be spending monthly on electricity costs before they sign on the dotted line.

A home with an extremely high electric bill can signal a problem, and a home with a tiny bill can really excite prospective buyers.

Be able to say “this home has undergone an energy-efficient remodel” and provide a list of the new changes.

Consider investing in the following to increase the value of the home:

  • Double-paned windows
  • Energy-efficient home insulation
  • LED light bulbs
  • New energy-efficient appliances
  • Solar panels

Smart Additions are Worth Smart Money

Upgrading a home into a smart home is a smart investment to increase a home’s value. In the past, it was tech nerds that wanted these additions, but now everyone will ask what types of smart feature the home has.

A few of the smart products on the market include doorbells, thermostats, lights, carbon monoxide detectors, fire detectors, door locks, security cameras, sound systems, and garage door openers.

Add a Patio to Make the Home Feel Bigger

While one may not be able to make the home itself bigger on the inside, they can make it look and feel bigger by adding on a patio.

Usable outdoor space can feel like having an extra room and bring a big boost to the home’s value. Stage a backdoor patio to feel like an outdoor dining space or family area. This type of addition is proven to raise the value of a home.

Improve the Curb Appeal to Improve Value

The outside of the home is the first thing a potential home buyer or a property assessor will see. Start the home value outright by sprucing up the outdoor view.

Consider a new coat of paint or siding for the home, repainting shutters, and adding pops of color. If the grass is dead and there are no plants, the home value will suffer.

Consider laying down sod or squares of already growing grass. Plant some low maintenance local plants and flowers. The goal is to make the home seem loved, comfortable, and inviting. Doing so can raise the value significantly.

By following these five suggestions, a homeowner can increase the value of their home. This is great for the person who wants to stay in their home, as they are investing in the little nest egg.

These suggestions are wonderful for the person who plans to sell their home, as it can help them make a larger profit on their investment.