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How to Get Free Pots for Plants: 4 Ingenious Techniques

If you’re somebody who has a knack for gardening, you know how crazy expensive gardening pots are.

Unless you have a chest of gold hidden somewhere, it gets pretty challenging to acquire enough pots for a garden.

image - How to Get Free Pots for Plants 4 Ingenious Techniques
How to Get Free Pots for Plants 4 Ingenious Techniques

Well, today we’ve come up with some hacks for you. We’ll show you how to get free pots for plants. Yep, even if it sounds too good to be true, it’s very much possible.

From recycling programs to construction sites, we’ll take you on a joyride. So, without wasting any more time, hop on as we achieve this extraordinary feat.

How to get free pots for plants?

Now when you have a garden plan mapped out, you probably also have a budget fixed for your gardening equipment.

But in case there are pots in that list, then it’s a total waste of money.

Now you may be deterred from seeking out cheap or free pots because of the hassle or what people may think. Let’s just say, you’re missing out.

That’s because getting free gardening pots is pretty convenient, and its way more common than you think.

Let’s see how it’s done.

1. Check recycling programs of local stores

First of all, check recycling programs in your area. In loads of places, stores have a system where you can bring back old gardening pots that people already used.

Even big stores such as home depot have recycling programs of this sort. Yes, you heard us right!

Unless you’re a seasoned shopper, you may have no clue about this amazing program. It allows you to bring in any old gardening pots that you may have lying around when you buy a plant from their store.

Now, when you go to a store and buy a big gardening pot, it may cost you a small fortune.

However, just search for these programs and you can even find huge containers with a fantastic drainage system just waiting to be picked by you, for FREE.

Even if your local store doesn’t offer pots for free, chances are they’ll sell them to you for a nominal price.

Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned the best part yet. Since these are a part of the recycling program, you can often take as many posts as you want.

Just in case, ask the staff whether there’s a limit and pick up some free pots to start your gardening journey.

Also, don’t forget to give it a good clean with some water and soap once you’ve brought them home.

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2. Ask the florist in your area

Another terrific way you can get some free pots is to simply visit your florist.

In case you’re confused as to how your florist will have gardening pots for you, let us break it down for you.

Flower shops have fresh flowers coming every morning for sale. These flowers must come in some sort of container, right?

Well, they’re not precisely the ideal pots for gardening, but they can be with a little bit of tampering.

All you need to do is go to your local florist and ask for any extra pots lying around. 9 out of 10 times, you’ll probably hear a yes. Bring them home and you can easily convert it to a pot ideal for plants.

Although it takes a bit of work, you’ll need a drilling machine for this. Simply take one and evenly drill holes at the bottom of the flower bucket.

According to the flower pot’s size and shape, make around 6-8 of these holes and that’s it! Your gardening pot with drainage is already and you’re one step away from creating your big organic garden!

3. Contact bakeries

Now another great option for getting free pots is bakeries. You surely may be thinking at this point that we’re crazy. Well, just give it a try and you’ll thank us later.

You see, bakeries use big buckets to mix their cake batter and frosting it in large batches.

They may often have extra buckets or buckets that they’ve used too many times and are no longer fit for use.

In such cases, you may get these buckets totally free of cost. Moreover, even if it’s unfit for baking, they can still make great pots for your plants.

Here again, you’ll need to do some work yourself so that it’s ideal for saplings that you intend to plant.

Also, if you get to pick between a few pots, always go for the reusable plastic and search for a sturdy material.

These pots tend to last a lifetime and are also better for the environment.

4. Search construction sites

Yeah, we’re leaving no stone untouched when it comes to the search for free pots.

The last on the list, let’s talk about construction sites. You may feel a little squeamish about searching these places just for a few pots, but trust us when we tell you that it’s worth it.

When homes are demolished, there are often plenty of miscellaneous items that are thrown out. Other than pots, you may even find some old furniture or plenty of useful items that are just strewn about.

You don’t even need to visit a specific site. The next time you’re strolling around the city, just stop by such a place and ask for any pile that they’re giving away.

Chances are, you’ll find some great big pots that already have a drainage system equipped.

Just keep in mind to give it a thorough wash before you use it since they can be a little dirty.

Use a fair amount of disinfectant so that you’re sure there are no traces of dirt and germ left.

Bottom line

And that was our four tips on how you can get some free pots and keep your pockets feeling heavier.

If you liked our post on how to get free pots for plants, don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

Until then, stay happy and thrifty!

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