There’s definitely no place like home but when your home has no place for a bedroom or a bed for that matter then going for a murphy bed might suit you and your home better.

Have you been struggling on where to put that bookshelf or which area you need that sofa in, or maybe how the heck you’re going to turn a small space into a bedroom, living area and office in one?

Top 5 Ways to Optimize the Use of Murphy Beds

Top 5 Ways to Optimize the Use of Murphy Beds

Around the 1900s, another person was stuck in the same dilemma and invented the murphy bed. And since its patent, there have been a lot of different designs used by a lot of different owners confined to little spaces. But after all those years, the Murphy beds serve only one purpose; to maximize the small space in your home and give you a bed of roses (pun intended)!

5 Ways to Optimize the Use of Murphy Beds

I’m going to let you in on what murphy beds are; it’s basically a hinged platform that can accommodate a full-sized queen mattress! Is it comfortable, you ask? It’s as comfortable as any other platform bed and the best part is; it turns into a closet, a bookshelf or even an entirely different room.

Not everyone can make do with a Murphy bed because let’s face it; the mechanism itself is a hassle to deal with. I mean, would you want to stow away your bed 5 times a day? Maybe not but if you’re not so blessed with a huge house, then I tell you, a Murphy bed can be your friend.

And if you have a creative juice in you, then you can actually optimize the use of Murphy beds, here are the top 5 ways:

  1. Turn it into a Bookshelf

If you’re a little bookworm who haven’t gone digital yet, I know how it’s such a pain in the neck to store those paperbacks neatly especially in a cramped space. If you have other important things you need, allocating space for your books might go to the bottom of your list.

Turn it into a Bookshelf - 5 Ways to Optimize the Use of Murphy Beds

Turn it into a Bookshelf (Optimize the Use of Murphy Beds)

The benefit of a murphy bed is you can use the space for anything, a bookshelf, a closet, or even a mini bar! You can customize your bookshelf to have double doors so when it’s time to catch up on your Z’s, then all you have to do is open the shelves and voila, a full-on queen-sized bed!

  1. Enjoy a Home Theater Room

Have you always loathed buying that 30-inch flat screen television but have nowhere to put it? Well, what better way to optimize your murphy bed than to put entertainment on it? All you have to do is install a sliding television system! For some, this might be a bit expensive but it’s either that or looking for a bigger apartment.

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  1. Work in Your Home Office

They say that productivity decreases when you bring your work at home. No offense to whoever said that, but I’d say productivity decreases when you don’t have a good workspace to work on. And if you’re living in a tight space, you can turn your murphy bed into a home office or to a functional table you can use for just about anything.

  1. Let Your Guest Enjoy a Guest Room

If you don’t have an extra bed or room in your tiny home and you’re keen on inviting a good old friend on a Saturday night for a sleepover, then don’t let that trivial reason stop your Saturday night fun. Install a murphy bed on one area in your home and use it as a guest room. What better way to spend the night than in a comfortable and functional Murphy bed!

  1. Get Moving by Optimizing a Playroom or Fitness Room

One of the perks of having a murphy bed installation in your house is that it can turn into any room you want in an instant. If your kids have been asking you for a playroom or if you’ve been wanting to do home exercises but your tiny house is just not cut out for it, then there’s no need to fret because you can convert the space into a mini gym or your kid’s playroom!