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The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Bed Frames

It’s no wonder that you are on a search for the perfect bed frame. That’s because an estimated sixty million Americans struggle with chronic sleep disorders! Choosing the right mattress, boxspring, and bed frames is essential for proper rest.

image - The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Bed Frames
The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Bed Frames

We’re here to show you the different types of bed frames on the market and which one you should be considering.

Whether you need something compact for minimal living space or want a larger, more traditional bed frame, there’s something for everyone.

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Divan bed frames are customizable upholstered beds. These frames save you space for the following two reasons: storage drawers and frame size.

Storage drawers make up the base of this frame giving you the ability to store more clothing or shoes. If you’re wanting to get rid of your dresser to make space, a divan bed frame is a contender.

It also gives you more room in your bedroom because of its size. This frame is only as big as the mattress you put on it.

The sister to this bed frame is the ottoman frame. It’s the same in every way except it also gives you ottoman storage!

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Platform bed frames are another great option if you are looking to save space. They are compact, low profile, and traditional platform beds don’t have headboards or footboards. You can find one that has storage below as well!

A bonus of platform bed frames is that they don’t typically require a box spring. They use a type of slat system instead.

When choosing a platform bed that has a slat system, check that the space between each slat matches the requirement for the mattress that you own. Most mattresses require a spacing of no more than 2.57 inches.

Keep in mind that platform beds don’t allow for adjustable bed bases. If that’s important to you, you can find more frames here that will fit with an adjustable base.

Wood Bed Frames

While most frames have wood somewhere in their construction, sleigh beds and four-poster, or canopy, beds have wooden headboards. Sleigh beds are true to their name and look like Santa’s sleigh. Four-poster beds have posts on each corner of the bed frame.

Four-poster beds are also known as canopy beds because you can add bed accessories like curtain panels or netting along with posters for a royal feel.

Canopy bed frames are usually high off the ground. While sleigh beds have an elevated mattress, the frame itself is almost touching the floor.

Types of Bed Frames

You can find a few more bed frame options in metal, wrought iron, and upholstered. Whichever you choose, consider the quality.

The last thing you want is to spend money on a new bed frame that ruins your mattress and hinders quality sleep.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you pick among the different types of bed frames. There certainly are plenty on the market to match your specific need and taste. For more helpful information like this continue reading in our home blog section!