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6 Ways in Which a Water Softener Can Change Your Life

Moving beyond clean drinking water, consumers are now aiming for soft water that’s free of any harsh chemicals, high levels of calcium, magnesium, as well as elements that may affect the taste. Hard water can be really problematic in more ways than just taste.

6 Ways in Which a Water Softener Can Change Your Life
6 Ways in Which a Water Softener Can Change Your Life

It can clog up pipes, make it difficult for detergent and soap to form a lather, cause watermarks, scale inside pipes and reduce the efficiency of water heaters.

Bearing this in mind, a water softener is seen by some as a necessity. We’ve listed some great benefits that Kind Water can bring to your home:

6 Ways in Which a Water Softener Can Change Your Life

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        1. Benefits to Plumbing

Hard water can cause some real damage to your plumbing system. Because the minerals of hard water will accumulate inside the pipe over time, you won’t be able to remove them easily once they harden.

One thing leads to another  — and you’ve got yourself some low pressure in the faucets or a burst pipe. Soft water, on the other hand, flows easily without clogging your pipes.

An improved water flow means optimum water efficiency and lower utility bills. Don’t forget that using less water also means reducing your carbon footprint (electricity used for pumping through water etc.).

        2. Benefits to Skin & Hair

Apart from cutting down your utility bills, a water softener helps you keep your skin and scalp healthy.

Hard water leaves traces of magnesium and calcium in your scalp, which can potentially lead to a flaky scalp or increased hair loss. It can also affect the texture of your hair by making it dry and frizzy. Not just hair, but your skin is at risk too.

Hard water, when it evaporates, can make your skin dry, itchy, irritated by calcium carbonate deposits. Having a water softener is the easiest way to save yourself from the irritations hard water can bring.

        3. Cleaner Clothes & Dishes

Your appliances will perform better with soft water, whereas hard water can lead to nasty limescale inside the plumbing and cause a problem.

Hard water can also ruin your clothes faster too, leaving traces of minerals on your clothes and causing their color and finish to fade more rapidly. The same goes for utensils, especially silverware.

However, with a water softener, you’ll have softer clothes without the harsh implications and have cleaner, shinier utensils coming out of the dishwasher!

        4. Less Use of Cleaning Chemicals

Similar to the last benefit, you’ll be using fewer cleaning chemicals and detergents when you have access to soft water.

Any residue marks left behind by hard water – whether in the shower, bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room – can be a thing of the past. This can really help you save money on harsher cleaning chemicals that may have been required before.

        5. A Sparkling Car

Hard water can end up damaging the paint, ingraining any residue or dirt into the surface. Soft water, on the other hand, is the standard across most valet companies.

If you’re a keen car washer yourself, then it’s a good idea to have a water softener installed, unless you’d rather clean your car with a rougher alternative.

        6. Soft Water Maintains Water Heaters

Hard water can cause buildup in electric water heaters. A regular buildup of minerals can cause the water heater to break down – preventing the inflow and outflow of water.

Unfortunately, hard water can affect both electric and gas water heaters in the same way.

Ultimately, this means that you either need to replace the electric heaters on a regular basis or clean and flush out the mineral deposits from your gas heaters.


Soft water will bring a welcome change to your household. It possesses some fantastic benefits that will wipe away the frustration of hard water and the trouble it leaves – not just for your household, but for your health and the environment, too.

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