This the season for warm weather but more importantly some Spring cleaning and renovations. No matter how big or small of a renovation project, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

From the materials to budget and experience – renovations can get costly and complicated, which is why Best Access Doors is sharing some important roof renovation tips to keep in mind.

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Top 5 Roof Renovation Tips

Roof Renovation Tips

Top 5 Roof Renovation Tips

Here are 5 roof renovation tips to help any contractor or builder when it comes to planning, prepping and executing a roof renovation.

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Elemental Exposure

When it comes to roofing renovations, it is essential to consider the exposure of elements – from rain, wind, dirt and anything else that can come from the outdoors, you want to endure that the renovations being undertaken, can withstand if not last.

With roof repairs that are looking to be done with shingles, shingles are a roofing material that is classed based on wind speed ratings. This can be helpful to know and keep in mind when it comes to areas that are highly susceptible to high wind storms.

Roofing renovations are not as straightforward as some clients and those who have never undergone a project before may realize. For some, they may not understand that when it comes to roofing, there are more than a “roof” that can be renovated or done to a building.

For example, a roof can be restored, and in addition to having the planks or shingles replaced or repaired, a roof hatch may be added.

When it comes to finding that perfect roof hatch, or rather, tips on how to choose the right roof hatch, Best Access Doors has resources and knowledgeable staff that can answer any contractors concerns or questions.


Is there water damage on the ceilings? A leak? This could be a sign; it’s time to renovate or repair your roof. Proper and routine maintenance can prevent unwanted and often damaging accidents like a leaking roof or water damage on the ceiling.

When there is damage to the roof, especially water damage, this can impact the structural integrity resulting in the strength of the roof is compromised. Key things to look for when it comes to whether or not it’s the time to renovate are:

  • There shingles or roofing has become misshaped
  • Damage from extreme snow or ice accumulation – harsh winter
  • Moisture build up
  • More than 10 years since the last install

Timing is important to consider – while some things are guaranteed to happen because of time, such as the misshaping of shingles and constant exposure of extreme climates, this can hasten the speed of roofing deterioration.

Whether one hires a professional contractor or roofer, or the client understands the irregularities of a roof.

Material Selection

When it comes to renovations, there is one word that crosses every contractor and client’s mind – budget, and when it comes to roofing renovations, a budget is often dictated by multiple factors such as material and experience.

When it comes to roofing renovations, the type of material used for the work will not only determine the cost but also the longevity of the roof itself. Different materials provide different benefits, but more importantly, there are specific considerations that need to be thought about.

Factors that impact the material to be used include the frame of the roof, sloped or flat and style of the building. Roofs that are sloped or pitched as they are sometimes known, contractors and builders can make more recommendations as there is an assortment to choose from.

Flat roofs, on the other hand, are a bit harder as the materials don’t tend to be aesthetically appealing, but more importantly, flat roofs have a lot of factors to consider in terms of exposure and moisture.

A common choice of material for sloped or pitches roofs are asphalt shingled roofs. This is because of the low material cost and their life expectancy of anywhere between 15 to 25 years.

This means that should there be any other issues or if there are things to repair the roof that have asphalt, they can be easily corrected and replaced. To maintain the maximum life of the asphalt, routine maintenance is recommended.


Two factors that can impact a budget are material choice and contractor. When it comes to roofing renovations, it is essential to do research beforehand but more importantly to ensure both client and contractor understand the budget that they are working within.

It is important that clients set out the boundaries and limitations because there are times when even though there is a budget it can be hard to stay within it. Why? Because sometimes there are factors that are beyond a contractor’s control.

For example, the material that the contractor may have initially quoted the client at may either be sold out or increase in price. Unless the client would like to replace the type of material used with something else, the client would have to be able to manage the cost-difference.

Experienced Contractors

Construction is one industry that does not always require experience to get the job done. For some in the field, knowledge comes from having done multiple jobs over and over again. This can be both a risk, but it also can be a cost-friendly choice.

However, when it comes to roofing renovations, if there is one thing that should be done with experience, it is this specific renovation. From making recommendations to what material to use to how to enhance the roof.

For example, a client may wonder about ventilation or a roof hatch – an experienced contractor can make the best recommendation for a vent or hatch In the situation that the contractor doesn’t have experience or know how to handle the question, they may make a recommendation that can actually do more damage but also be costly down the road.

While it may be expensive, the experience is something that does pay off and is well worth every dollar and investment.

Renovating Smartly

At the end of the day, renovations, especially roof renovations, is one that can extend the longevity of your building but also improve it as well.

Improvements, no matter how big or small is just one way of maintaining the longevity of a built but also ensuring that there are no potential or future damages that could result in a jeopardized roof.

The structural integrity of a building can be impacted by a roof and any jeopardy to it which is why roofing renovations and maintenance is highly recommended and offers huge benefits.

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