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Let the Fun Begin: Transform Your Ordinary Living Room into a Gaming Room in 4 Easy Steps

When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was play video games all day. When school vacation hit, I would finally get to do that – well, on some days. Back in those days when I thought of adult life, I thought of freedom.

My imagination ran away with an adult life full of chocolate and candy, video games all day, lounging around in front of a big TV. See when I was young, I had no idea how expensive life was. I didn’t know that people had to work to pay for rent, bills, and groceries! I thought they went to work because they wanted to!

Transform Your Ordinary Living Room into a Gaming Room in 4 Easy Steps

Transform Your Ordinary Living Room into a Gaming Room in 4 Easy Steps

Now that I’m older I know 110% that isn’t the case. Everybody has to earn a living if they want to survive. Thankfully my mindset had already changed. I knew that hard, smart work could earn me free time to enjoy my beloved video games. So that was what I did, I put the work in and earned myself a little bit of financial freedom.

Most of my spare income gets invested for my future, with the hopes of early retirement. Along the way it’s important to enjoy yourself a little as well – a happy person is much more productive! So of course, I wanted a gaming room.

Transform Your Ordinary Living Room into a Gaming Room in 4 Easy Steps

Unfortunately, my wife wasn’t willing to give up the living room entirely, so we compromised. Instead of taking over, I made a few smart additions to the room which improve my gaming time experience. At the same time, it still looks like a regular living room.

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Comfortable Seating

Gaming is about getting comfortable and enjoying your time in another world. Ideally, I would have liked an all-out gaming chair, but it wasn’t practical for my space.

The compromise was that we could have a wonderful bean bag chair that looked a normal part of the living room, but I still had my comfy sloucher to stick front and center come game time. I went with an extra large, full luxurious type from www.sumolounge.com and there are plenty of other options too.

Good TV

It was easy to persuade my other half for this one because she watches TV as well. Our new widescreen is great for games and movies alike, so we both love it. Any gamer knows the value of a big screen too, and the importance of avoiding screen lag.

Cable Organizers

A simple product which probably deserves more consideration. Most people have a tangle of cables hanging around somewhere, even if it’s hidden from view. A cable organizer fixes this by keeping your cables neatly coiled and hidden out of sight. With a gaming setup, there are more cables to consider, so it’s a big help.

Smart Storage

Finally, we have storage – for the controllers, games and even a place for the consoles to sit. We went with a couple of nice cabinets, one to house the consoles and the other for games & controllers. The console houser also holds our other TV boxes and the television on top, so our living room still has a neat and organized feel.

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