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5 Great Interior Design Tips for Living Room Area Rugs

Placing a rug is a great way to dress up a room, make it comfortable and warm. Only the carpet is subject to stains, wear. How to choose and maintain? Discover some great interior design tips for living room area rugs.

Interior Design Tips for Living Room Area Rugs
Living Room Area Rugs

5 Great Interior Design Tips for Living Room Area Rugs

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  1. Choose the Size and Shape of Your Rug

The first thing to take into account when choosing your carpet is its size. In a living room, it must be at least as long or longer than your sofa.

If you are looking for a carpet to place under your dining table, be aware that we must be able to have the table but also the chairs, with a margin large enough to be able to move his chair back out of the carpet.

Also consider the shape of the carpet: round, square, rectangular, oval? Try to determine which one is best for your room and furniture.

  1. Choose the Color and Design of Your Rug

The color and the design of the rug are also a very important criterion of choice. Ask yourself first if you consider it primarily as an element of comfort or rather a design. In the first case, you can opt for a neutral and/or plain color.

In the second case, do not hesitate to display your personality by favoring less discrete patterns or hues. Also, be aware that a light colored carpet will give the impression of enlarging the room; on the contrary, a dark colored carpet will tend to make it cozier.

  1. Choose the Material of Your Rug

The material of a rug is chosen according to the room and the budget. For places of passage, such as an entrance, for example, opt for a bamboo mat or plastic, very resistant and easy to maintain.

In a child’s bedroom or living room (especially if you have children or a pet), opt for synthetic materials such as polypropylene, acrylic or polyester, much easier to clean than natural materials like wool.

In addition to adding patterns and colors to your room, it is also an added bonus in terms of comfort. If you plan to walk barefoot, opt for a shaggy mat, that is to say, long hair (minimum 2 cm) to maximize the feeling of softness on the soles of the feet. And even with short hairs, the rug always adds a cozy note to the room in which it is installed.

For modern decor, opt for design patterns, which play with geometry and shades of gray to offer a graphics side. Whether you choose round or rectangular, plain or patterned, the carpet has a structuring role in a room: use it wisely to delimit your volumes. In a completely different kind,

  1. Scandinavian Rug

With its geometric patterns and light, natural hues, this Scandinavian rug has the distinctive features of the Nordic style, which is very popular in interior decorating.

Certified Oeko-Tex100, this carpet is recyclable and designed with respect for the environment and your health. Thick and soft, this Scandinavian rug is perfect for a cocooning atmosphere in the living room. This model is perfectly compatible with underfloor heating.

  1. Designer Rug

This designer rug affirms your taste for a contemporary and cleverly decorated interior. Compatible with underfloor heating, it can adorn every room in the house.

Its abstract and wavy patterns play with shades of white, black and gray to create a design carpet with discreet reliefs. The softness and density of its locks make it particularly pleasant barefoot and give off an irresistible cozy feeling.

  • Round Rug

This round rug in jute and cotton in natural color is ideal to compose a Zen atmosphere in the living room, the entrance, at the foot of the bed … Coming from fair trade, it offers a design of a beautiful geometric simplicity that will easily find its place in your home.

As decorative as it is robust, this model does not require any particular maintenance and is durable over time. Delivered folded, it quickly resumes its beautiful round shape.

  • Cheap Living Room Rug

Embellish your interior decor with a cheap living room rug to give a modern and warm touch to the heart of your home! This long-haired model also called shaggy, dresses your interior with a cocooning atmosphere.

Well wicked, it does not reveal the frame that supports it. An element of design and low price that will give personality to your living room with ease!

  • Gray Rug

A gray carpet is ideal to give a modern and refined atmosphere to your room. With its long hairs, this rectangular model is also particularly cozy: it’s a pleasure to walk barefoot! Soft and fluffy, it helps to distill a cozy note in your home, to make a warm cocoon. Made of synthetic fiber, this carpet is maintenance-free and moisture-resistant.


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