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10 Swimming Pool Ideas That Will Make a Splash This Summer

With hot, sunny days and warm, starry nights, summer centers around the swimming pool. It’s the highlight of parties and your sanctuary on the days you need a break.

Build your dream pool to create a summer space you never want to leave.

Most people only think in-ground or above ground when they decide on a pool. But, pool designs reach far beyond those structural choices. Get more creative with your swimming pool ideas!

10 Swimming Pool Ideas That Will Make a Splash This Summer

10 Swimming Pool Ideas That Will Make a Splash This Summer

10 Amazing Swimming Pool Ideas

While deciding on home improvements, don’t forget about your backyard, where you will spend most of your time this summer. Gather inspiration from these 10 outdoor pool designs!

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  1. Eco Pool

Make your backyard feel a little wilder by building a natural swimming pool. This mini-ecosystem requires less maintenance while providing you with chemical free, crystal clear water.

Plants create a beautiful landscape and clean the water. Adding a little waterfall adds ambiance while preventing the water from becoming stagnant. Rather than a diving board, build a small wooden dock.

Add to the zen of your backyard escape by attaching a coy pond. Simply place a biofilter between the fish pond and your swimming area.

  1. Beach Entry Pool

Also known as zero entry pools, this design does away with steps and ladders. The land simply slopes into the water.

You can turn pool designs like this one into a backyard oasis. Use sand to create your own beach.

You can even choose to use a saltwater pool system, rather than chlorine or other chemicals, to make it feel more authentic. For the ultimate experience, build a swim-up tiki bar!

This design not only looks gorgeous. It makes an easier entry for children and older adults who find difficulty using steps.

  1. Infinity Pool

Do you live somewhere with an astounding view?

If so, you do not want to build a pool that takes away from the scenery. Infinity pool design ideas offer a luxurious look, without taking away from the natural surroundings.

These look incredible at the ledge of a rooftop or cliff, seemingly flowing into a larger body of water, and anywhere with a view. The edge disappears into the horizon, making you feel connected to everything you see beyond.

  1. In and Out Pool

If you want an indoor pool, but also would like to enjoy the summer sun, bring the pool from the inside out. Open up part of the outer wall and extend the pool into the backyard.

Play with the wall design to make this look like a luxurious transition. If you live in an area with cold winters, you may want to install underwater pool doors, to separate the water during the chillier months. This will allow you to swim comfortably year round.

  1. A Splash of Color

When considering pool ideas, consider adding color!

Make things pop by making the deck a solid, neutral color. Inside the pool, place brightly colored tiles of your choice. The water will take on the color you line the pool with.

For added effect, match the pool to your surrounding decor. For instance, if you choose an emerald green, get pool chairs, sun umbrellas, and a trendy couch in the same shade to match.

  1. The Boulder Look

Why make everything appear flat? Create a hardscape with natural boulders.

Create a stated appearance along the back edge of the pool. Add in pops of color with pretty flowers, to give it a more natural look.

You might also want to create a beautiful waterfall with this terrain. One that spills a little water offers aesthetic beauty while one that pours will provide a nice massage area.

  1. Night Light

Pool designs should take your nightlife into account too. For the ultimate cocktail party pool, make sure it lights up.

Install underwater lights along the edges of the pool. Also, place bright ground lights into the hard scoping, hidden by trees, plants, or boulders.

White lights on the outside will light up the area efficiently. But inside the pool, you may want to build in lights that change color, for a little more fun. Music sensitive LED pool lights will give you an incredible party experience.

  1. Island Pool Designs

Consider building your pool around an island. This will give you the far from home feel that you crave after a long week at work.

You can take the center into a number of directions:

  • cover it with tropical plants and trees for an island escape
  • make it into a sitting area, with lounge chairs and umbrellas to catch rays
  • build a stone fire pit, with built-in benches
  • place a decorative fountain or sculpture for a more luxurious look

Allow your island to make a statement. It will direct the entire ambiance for your pool area.

  1. Geometric Pool

Who says that pools need to look round or rectangular? Create a shape that works for what you want!

If you want a pool to dip into that stands out from the rest, take on a triangle. It will look trendy and give you a little relief from the sun.

For a more natural look, go with a kidney-shaped pool. These also work well for regularly shaped backyards.

Oval pools tend to be more spacious. This shape calls for a more simplistic design around the outside. Think white deck accessories, a few Italian cypresses, and a row of tulips.

  1. For the Family

When creating a family fun design, think from a kid’s point of view. For a home with small children, make a large area into more of a wading pool. Then it can gradually go deeper for the adults.

Some cool pool ideas for excitement include building into the deep end:

  • a climbing wall
  • a natural looking rock slide
  • a trampoline pool island

Keep safety in mind by making sure the pool is the correct size, shape, and depth to accommodate any build-on. The kids will want to know how long this pool will take. Read this article by Premier Pool Service so you know how to answer.

Splash into Summer with Your Dream Design

Start summer right by making your backyard feel like a dream vacation. Let these swimming pool ideas inspire you to build your own outdoor oasis. Does your house need more renovation? Read our interior design ideas to reinvent your home!

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