Featured of 7 Landscape Design Trends Prevailing

7 Landscape Design Trends Prevailing in 2018

Every year brings forth different trends in multiple industries and niches. The trend bandwagon stands true in the case of landscape designing too. If you are planning to remodel your yard or add a few touch-ups to polish things up, then it’s only wise to stick to what’s trending.

Here is a look at which landscape designs are hip and happening in the present year:

7 Landscape Design Trends Prevailing in 2018

7 Landscape Design Trends Prevailing in 2018

Which Landscape Design Ideas Are People Voting for?

It’s the norm to go with landscaping designs that the industry experts pick. However, the general public also has a taste, and the latest survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) reveals it. The 2018 edition of the survey highlights that charging stations, outdoor yoga spaces, and native plants are hot in the present year.

The most popular elements for outdoor design this year include fireplaces, lighting, and dining/seating areas. The past year saw similar picks. However, seating sections in the yards are a new pick over outdoors internet connectivity.

The survey also confirms that the admiration for native plants, drought tolerant plants, and low-maintenance landscapes is high. Moreover, drip irrigation is also popular among 72.4% of the respondents.

Top Landscape Design Trends in 2018

To narrow it down, here are some prominent landscaping designs that are prevailing in 2018. Before you dive into your favorite trend for yard designing or renovation, it is best to see if it aligns with your budget. You can try the DIY option. Or, you may avail of professional services like Terra Nova Landscaping – Edmonton.

  1. Small Garden Spaces

The present year is about getting cozy. Whether you are preparing design blueprints for a side yard, small patio, or a large outdoor setting, be mindful that small gardens are in. If you have a large area, consider breaking it up. You can do this by creating different sections in the space. Divide the different sections in your yard by adding vines and arbor.

You can also separate spaces by designing with stone walls, planters, hedges, and plant beds. Other than the small garden, set up a dining area or a seating space with a firepit. Emphasis on herb, organic, and potager gardens is also soaring as more and more people become aware of healthy eating options.

  1. Functional Kitchens

The love for bringing the indoors out is on the rise. Consequently, landscape design for the current year is witnessing a warm welcome to outdoor bath features and kitchen. No open air entertainment plans are complete without cooking.

Greenblott Design’s Eric Greenblott adds to this. He points out, “You can maximize your [entertainment] experience with an outdoor kitchen featuring a refrigerator/ice maker, sink, and storage cabinets. An outdoor shower integrated into your landscape adds form and function.”

  1. Vertical Garden

There’s no denying that a vertical garden is a means to earn wows. A living wall adds color and beauty to your space, while simultaneously cleansing the air and cooling its surrounding. Not to forget vertical garden chips in benefits for your physical as well as mental well-being.

Additionally, the Head of Horticulture at Dobbies, Marcus Eyles, outlines that living walls can be tailored to meet any size requirements. This makes a vertical garden an excellent addition to your patio.

  1. Eco-Landscaping

Eco-landscaping is also making it big in the current year. Green landscaping orbits around designing, creating, and maintaining a landscape design that saves money, energy, and time. It aims to minimize water, air, and soil pollution while regulating an invigorating recreational space.

The Eco-landscaping design scheme is stunning and low-maintenance at the same time. The charm is in the architecture and geometry. For instance, you can design your outdoor space by adding stone, rock, or gravel alongside Eco-friendly plants such as succulents and grasses.

  1. Water Features

If a fireplace does not fall in your designing cup of tea, then you can always go for water features. This can add to the Eco-friendly landscaping design as well. This probably explains their popularity. There is a wide range of water fountain types to choose from like showcase fountains, stone-on-stone water pieces, pipe-shaped fountains, and more.

You can also plan a small pond with a fountain or a backyard pool with a wall lined with spillways. The options are numerous. Moreover, this landscape design element is soothing to look at and provides water for the birds too. Hence, it is a practical option.

  1. Textured Paving and Masonry

Granite, porphyry, and limestone are some exciting stones to use for your yard’s flooring. They can be used to break larger spaces into small ones too. You can find these stones in a vast array of sizes, finishes, and shapes. The variety gives you the freedom to try any creative design ideas baking in your mind.

For instance, consider pairing together linear and rounded shapes of cobblestones. In fact, such asymmetry falls in line with the chief designing trends. As far as flooring is concerned, wood-effect tiles are the magic word for this year. These have been in trend for some time now. However, the introduction of wood-effect porcelain tiles has rooted this trend deeper.

  1. Forest Bathing

Forest bathing borrows its name from Japan and it literally means visiting a wooded area or a forest for a walk. Cities are mostly dotted with skyscrapers, which leaves little space for trees. So, you have to find the nearest park or hiking trail for some forest bathing.

However, with this garden design in place, you wouldn’t have to trek any further than your yard. You can follow this fad by planting shrubs, flowers, and trees along a path. Weave in footpaths made of stones, and bridges to further polish the look.

Wrap up thoughts

The prevailing trends offer a plethora of landscape design options to choose from. You can map out a small garden in your open space or add water features or firepits to your design. Open yoga and meditation spaces are also riding the crest of the trend wave. If living walls are too much to handle, then opt for Eco landscapes that are low-maintenance. Set up a functional kitchen to maximize your entertainment. Choose from stones of different shapes and sizes and let your creative juices flow.

  • 7 Landscape Design Trends Prevailing in 2018
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