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Grow a Successful Vertical Garden: The Current Trend of Planting and Home Gardening

Vertical gardens are beautiful, catchy, modern, and trendy. They also have the capacity of giving you a feel of being surrounded by greenery. The best things about these gardens are that they require very less space.

If you have a small backyard and cannot accommodate a garden in it, you don’t have to be upset you can try the option of a vertical garden.

“Some simple formulas can help your vertical garden flourish making your walls look amazingly trendy and beautiful.”

Exhibition, Milan, 2015, Vertical Garden

These beautiful gardens grow vertically with the support of a wall or a fence, whatever may be the support they grow vertically and not horizontally.

You can use some beautiful veining plants, creepers, and hanging plants to add to the beauty of your garden. To add color to your garden you can add flowering plants and plants bearing fruits to your garden.

1. Support Your Garden

Before you start planting your vertical garden you must make sure that the support you offer to your plants is strong enough to bare their weight. Your woolly pocket that will incorporate the plants must have a strong frame to support it.

This frame can be a strong fence or a wall inside or outside your house. Just make sure the support you offer your plants is strong enough to take their weight.

2. Be Sure of What to Plant in Advance

Now before you do anything make sure you have decided what you would want to plant in your vertical planters. To enjoy the growth of your plants you will have to arrange them properly.

A number of plants can be grown in a vertical garden and hence you can decide from the variety available for vertical plants. Just make sure you choose the right size of the plant before planting them.

Hydroponic solar vertical garden

3. Choose Soil for Your Garden Correctly

The support and the woolly pocket are not all you need to choose a soil that helps your plants grow well. The soil has to be nutritious and should be able to retain water and drain water in order to keep your plants healthy. Healthy plants grow well adding beauty to your garden

4. Watering The Garden

The trick to a healthy garden is watering it well. The water that you give your plants has to be adequate neither less nor more. Adequacy is not enough you have to water your plants on time making sure that their soil remains wet.

You can opt for drip irrigation to make sure that your vertical garden is healthy and well watered. Drip irrigation is not necessarily used for very big vertical gardens; it can also be used for smaller ones.

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5. Add Colours to Your Garden

Plant some plants that bear eye-catching and colorful flowers and fruits. Check where you place them. You can either use plants with contrasting colors or match them up.

Lines of contrasting colors on your walls will make your vertical garden and your walls look stunning. It is very important to look at what you plat and how you plat them in a vertical garden.

6. Use Shades For Your Plants

Some plants need ample sunlight, you need to make sure that these plants receive a good amount of sunlight to flourish well. If these plants do not get proper sunlight they will get ruined.

A few plants need semi-shade or semi sunlight, you can arrange a shade for such plants, and direct sunlight can harm such plants. Whereas some plants are indoors and do not need sunlight at all, these plants can be planted inside your house to add beauty to your house.

Vertical farm green wall bok choy lettuce

7. Maintain Your Plants

Maintained vertical gardens look beautiful and also make your house look amazing, whereas gardens that are not maintained look shabby. What you have to look for is that your plants are well watered, have enough soil, the soil is well nourished and your plants get adequate sunlight.

If these aspects are in place your vertical garden will definitely grow well. Along with maintaining the soil, water, and sunlight of the plant you have to make sure that the support for your garden is strong enough, don’t forget your vertical garden is based on its support.

Besides being stylish and trendy these vertical gardens maintain your privacy. They make your house look absolutely amazing. Place these plants well to get the best view of them.

These gardens will add charm to your house only if you maintain them well. Look after their maintenance and they can make you live amid the greenery.

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