Featured of 7 Renovation Ideas to Make Your Swimming Pool Awesome

Life Is Cool at the Pool: 7 Renovation Ideas to Make Your Swimming Pool Awesome

If you’re feeling a little bit dissatisfied to the old design of your swimming pool, it’s high time that you do a renovation to it. A pool renovation can add an aesthetic appeal and maximize the relaxing vibe to your home swimming pool. Not only that, but it can also kick the property value of your home up a notch.

Life Is Cool at the Pool: 7 Renovation Ideas to Make Your Swimming Pool Awesome

Life Is Cool at the Pool: 7 Renovation Ideas to Make Your Swimming Pool Awesome

7 Renovation Ideas to Make Your Swimming Pool Awesome

There are various pool renovation ideas out there that can make your swimming pool a beautiful place to spend your time in your home. So if you want to renovate or remodel your pool, this list of renovation ideas will give you some help. Take a read!

Pool Resurfacing

If your pool is showing wear and tear because of old age, it’s advisable that you consider pool resurfacing. Pool resurfacing is one of the essential renovation projects that can add beauty to your swimming pool.

Resurfacing your pool is an excellent way to get rid of discolorations, cracks, and blisters in it. The difficulty and cost of this type of pool renovation will depend on the things that you want for your swimming pool. You can choose from several finishes, colors, and other materials that you want to put in your pool such as shells and stones.

While pool resurfacing may mean that you shell out a significant amount of money, it’s an excellent way to suit up your pool to contemporary standards.

Additional Water Features

A pool with extra water features will make an ultimate attraction in your home. For additional water features, you can have scuppers, mini waterfalls, fountains, and sprayers installed at your pool area.

A Pool with Extra Water Features - 7 Renovation Ideas to Make Your Swimming Pool Awesome

A Pool with Extra Water Features (Renovation Ideas to Make Your Swimming Pool Awesome)

Although installing these additional water features at your pool is relatively easy with the help of a professional, this type of pool renovation will require you to have the right budget to pull it off. It can also be expensive to maintain as you’ll use extra water and electricity for these water features to function.

But expenses aside, adding a few of extra water features at the pool will transform your boring pool area into something awesome.

Install LED Lights

In standard modern pool designs, a basic pool lighting and a simple floodlight is not anymore the thing. Households with pool areas are now upgrading to LED lighting to make their pool safe and aesthetically appealing.

LED lighting is also Eco-friendly and more energy-efficient compared to conventional lighting options in providing light to your pool area.

You can install the LEDs anywhere in the pool area. You can have it below the water or on the sidelines. With their various colors, adding LED lights will sure turn your swimming pool into a lovely and elegant home area.

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Make It a Private Water Park

If you think that your swimming pool at home does not provide you with fun and excitement anymore, then it’s time to renovate it into something that resembles a water park. You can install slides, diving boards, or swinging ropes around your pool area to make your swimming time also your playing time.

It will also provide you with more fun if you set up a net across the pool to play water volleyball with your family and friends. For sure, your pool will never be the same with all these additions.

Cutting-Edge Automated Technology

As technology advances, it’s advisable that you install high-tech automation system to make your pool area functional. Installing automation system will your life as a pool owner more convenient. Pool technology can include a self-activating pool cover or a high-tech robot pool cleaner that you can set and control through your smartphone.

Saltwater System

The trend in swimming pool renovation today is the switch into a saltwater system. A saltwater system utilizes salt instead of chlorine in the pool water.

Since it’s low on chlorine, your eyes and skin won’t get irritated when you’re swimming in the pool. A saltwater system is also easier to maintain, so it’s an excellent thing to include in your pool renovation. You can call pool services like UV Pools if you want to have a salt water system for your swimming pool.

Waterline Tile

Waterline Tile - 7 Renovation Ideas to Make Your Swimming Pool Awesome

Waterline Tile (Renovation Ideas to Make Your Swimming Pool Awesome)

If you want your swimming pool to achieve that modern look, it’s time that you consider updating its waterline tile. There are waterline tile designs and patterns nowadays that are sure to give your pool an impressive look.


It’s essential that you do an update to your swimming pool to make it look attractive and functional. There are a lot of renovation ideas that you can apply to your swimming pool. You can gain knowledge from the list of pool renovation ideas above for that purpose.

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