Do you have an extra room in your house? Would you love to make it a unique spot that your whole family will enjoy and that will increase the value of your home?

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7 Extra Room Ideas Your Family Will Thank You For

Resist the temptation to use your bonus room for extra storage space or a lazy futon. You can make your home a great place for work and play with a little research and creativity.

Here are some of our favorite extra room ideas.

1. A Family Theater Room

If your bonus room is located in your basement or bedroom floor, consider the immediate appeal of a home theater. If created correctly, it can also make your home appealing to future buyers.

Fortunately, design options for home theaters abound. You can add power reclining chairs, LED lighting, and a serious sound system to create a cinema-like experience.

Families are opting more and more to view films from the comfort of their own homes. This is especially true when COVID-19 is leading to increasing restrictions on public viewings. A family theater room can give you all of the bonuses of watching a live movie without the sniffling strangers.

2. A Bowling Alley

One of the most unique spare room ideas we’ve seen is a bowling alley installed in basements or side rooms.

Putting in a bowling alley will likely require the help of professionals. It involves careful measuring, cutting, and finishing. And you can make it even more exciting with extra entertaining elements like a bar and screens.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to entertain guests, consider adding a home bowling alley to your spare space.

3. A Creative Room

Maybe your family is more creative than athletic. You, your spouse, or your kids may love recording their own music, drawing, or sewing.

One great way to create a room that inspires creativity is to make the best use of your space. Turn a wall into an easel or install a high-tech mixing board. You should also have a creative way to organize supplies like paints or instruments.

If you’ve got a creative family, use your walls to inspire with motivational quotes or meaningful images. Windows can be used to angle light in while your family paints or practices.

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4. A Home Gym

Another one of our favorite bonus room ideas for second floors, basements, or outdoor cottages is a home gym. Setting one up may not be as difficult as you think.

Many folks choose options like rubber, foam, or vinyl to cover the floor of their home gym and make it safer for activities. You may want to purchase an exercise bike or treadmill. Screw-in some mirrors and add a set of dumbbells and you may not need anything else for your daily workout!

If you’re more of a gym class person, you can install a workout barre or add some medicine balls and yoga blocks to make it a great private studio. Hanging a plasma screen will give you a chance to stream your favorite videos while you get fit.

5. A Home Office

A global pandemic has made working remotely more than a dream or an option for many of us. A home office can give you an organized place to be productive without interruptions from the rest of your household.

It’s important to invest in an ergonomic chair for your home office, as you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. You can actually find many affordable options online.

Make sure your desk has ample room for your computer. You’ll also want space to organize items like your pens, pencils, and papers so they’ll be easy to find.

Choosing a room with some sunlight will keep you in a positive mood while you work. You can hang artwork that inspires you and keeps your space devoted to doing excellent work.

6. Stay and Play

If you’ve got kids, you know the sanity a well-organized playroom can bring. Rubber floors and brightly-colored walls let kids know they’re entering a wildly creative but enduringly safe space.

Adorable storage bins and shelving can make it easy to pick up toys and keep them organized. And fun elements like a swing, a dress-up corner, or a slide will be completely at home in a kids-only spot.

The best part about a playroom is that it also frees up space in your kids’ bedrooms so it will be easier to keep them clean.

7. A Walk-in Closet

If you’ve got a sizeable wardrobe and an extra room, consider turning the spot into a delightfully organized walk-in closet. The hideaway can also add value to your home.

With some basic drywall, rods, and rackets, a handy person can build racks and cupboards into your walls. This will make it easy to keep all of your things organized and easy to find. If you’re not as DIY inclined, a professional carpenter can design the wardrobe to your specifications.

Once you’ve created shelves, drawers, and spots for all of your favorite shoes, you can begin adding finishing touches. LED lighting can allow you to showcase your favorite items. And mirrors can give you the opportunity to try on your favorite outings before heading out to work or a big night out.

Our Favorite Extra Room Ideas

It’s important not to let that unused space in your home go to waste. With a little research, you can find the right extra room ideas for your needs and family. It can bring your home from fine to fabulous in no time!

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