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How to Create a Home Gym

It has long been proven that regular training is good for the body. There are numerous reasons for doing it regularly. After all, sport is fun; it leads to more strength and ensures better health.

But it’s not just about exercising, it is also about a place where you do it, the program you follow, and the equipment you use. Having the right sports clothes is a must, especially footwear.

Great shoes will help you distribute the weight correctly and protect your back, just like those you can find online here. Then all that’s missing is the perfect place and the right equipment to reach your desired fitness level.

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How to Create a Home Gym

If you have often asked yourself how you can set up your home gym, you will find all the important tips below.

What are the Benefits of a Home Gym?

Your own gym first requires space and a certain basic investment. At the same time, it also offers the opportunity to train in peace with the specially selected equipment.

Videos and the internet can be a good alternative to personal trainers (if you want to deal with the theory behind the training).

Another great advantage of setting up your own fitness room is flexibility. You are not bound by opening times and can train whenever you want – even on weekends or holidays. Your own gym is always available.

Lazy excuses don’t stand a chance anymore, because your gym is in the next room. Whether it rains, storms, or snow, you will definitely master the path to training.

This also saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to travel to your gym anymore. Having your home gym will save you money and increase your motivation to stick to your plan.

A gym in your own house also makes sense for hygienic reasons. The shower is always available. Besides, at home, unlike at the gym, your favorite music can be listened to, and you can groan as much as you like without having anyone to bother you.

Basic Requirements for Your Gym

You will need a space that has either tons of natural light or good electrical lighting. Second important thing is that the room you choose has enough height so you can perform any exercise you wish.

Your home gym also needs to be easy to ventilate. Don’t forget to protect your nice floor with rubber flooring if you are using weights.

Now you can have some fun! Add a mini bar for your water and protein shakes, and a mirror so you can see if you are doing your exercises correctly. Some music or TV would be nice too. If you like to use a treadmill you can do it while watching your favorite TV shows or YT channels.

How to Choose the Right Equipment?

Of course, the costs of setting up your gym should not increase immeasurably. A lot of quality equipment for training is nowadays affordable. Good and cheap equipment for your personal gym can be bought online.

The selection is now significantly larger online than in comparable sports shops. Also, a price comparison online is particularly easy.

Some equipment is essential for demanding muscle training at home. This includes, for example, a high-quality dumbbell set, a weight bench, and a stable barbell weight rack. These must-haves should not be missing in any gym. But pay attention, if you buy them too cheap you will end up buying them twice.

Basic Exercises You Shouldn’t Avoid

Basic exercises are the most important for building muscle. They don’t only work one muscle, but always several muscle groups. For this reason, basic exercises are also known as compound exercises.

In addition to isolation exercises (which only address individual muscles), basic exercises lead to an increased release of (anabolic) hormones. This leads to faster and improved muscle building.

One of the most important compound exercises is the squat. It strengthens the leg muscles, the lower back, and the abdomen.

The deadlift should be done in alternate to squat as both exercises are very strenuous. The deadlift also trains the back area, the arms and shoulders, the abdominal muscles, and the thigh muscles.

The bench press strengthens the chest muscles, triceps, and shoulder muscles. A very popular exercise is the shoulder press which trains the triceps, the shoulder area the back, and middle back muscles.

How to Upgrade Your Gym

For all these basic exercises, your gym is already perfectly equipped with the equipment presented above. Pull-ups or dips are other important group exercises that can supplement your previous workload.

Pull-ups strengthen the muscles of the back and biceps. You need a pull-up bar to do it. Pull-ups and dips are self-weight exercises because you don’t work with dumbbells, but with your own body weight.

Therefore, you should start these exercises slowly and note that they are more suitable for advanced level than for beginners.

Over time, if you belong to the advanced level or if you want to get started with full strength, a pull-up bar and a dip stand can be a useful addition to your fitness studio. As time passes, it will become more clear what specific equipment you need.

In the beginning, a lat pulldown can be easier. In contrast to the pull-up, the weight that has to be pulled up can be set as desired. The lat pulldown primarily trains the back muscles and biceps. If you also want to train your legs with more targeted exercises, this is also possible with a lat machine.


With dumbbells, weight bench, and barbell weight rack, your fitness studio is ready for your strength training. Advanced athletes can simply expand their home gym with a lat machine, dip bar, or pull-up bar.

If you not only want to do strength but also endurance training in your gym, first make sure you have enough space. If you don’t, you can always use endurance equipment.

In particular, cross trainers that address and train the whole body or treadmills that increase your fitness are recommended.

Unconventional endurance equipment such as jump ropes or a trampoline can also help you. Choose whatever suits you best and have fun while you train. It is your personal space so equip it to your liking.

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