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How to Build Your Own Backyard Playground

Outdoor activities are always one of the best options for children to have fun. Creating a playground in the garden will allow your children to move, let off steam, burn the accumulated energy and be with their friends.

It will also be a great place for your whole family to bond while making and enjoying the new backyard playground.

image - How to Build Your Own Backyard Playground
How to Build Your Own Backyard Playground

What are the Advantages?

If you live in the countryside or have green space around the house, you can create a playground in the garden for your children in just a few steps.

To create a playground in the garden it is not necessary to spend large sums of money. You can buy ready-made structures that you will only have to assemble. There are also alternative ways to make it by yourself and at decidedly “low cost” prices.

As you well know, the hours of daily play are fundamental for the psycho-motor development of your children. If you are lucky enough to be able to count on a large green space around your house, creating a playground in the garden for children is certainly a great idea.

Make a Play Corner

It is not necessary to use all the available space to create a playground in the garden. Choose a corner of your garden and put up an exclusive area for your child.

In the summer here you can put a small pool, and your kids can play various games like volleyball in the pool, or with water guns. If you want to get them some quality toys that will last, here you can see the best water guns at Funtastic toy, and other toys divided into suitable age categories.

To make it more welcoming you can make a small plastic gate for your child to use. You can also spread some gravel or put a rubber mattress which will visually let everyone know that this space is an exclusive playing area.

Create a Sandbox

Wooden pallets are quite inexpensive and are perfect for building any structure, both inside and outside your home. Be creative and use them as a base to make a sandpit for your children to play in.

All you have to do is put the pallets as you like and fill them with playing sand, which can be made of various materials. On the internet, you will find a great variety of this product. If you don’t have wooden pallets, you can always use a truck wheel or an inflatable, shallow pool.

Make sure to teach your children to cover the sandpit after they are done, to avoid a possibility for pets to use it as a litter box. That way, your child will play in clean sand, instead of that dirty one on public playgrounds.

A Tree House

In addition to creating a playground in the garden, you can even build a treehouse using old doors, boards, and wooden boards. It will be a space that children will love, since everyone dreams of having a hiding place, like their superheroes.

Eliminate possible dangers, such as splinters, by smoothing and painting the wood, using your child’s favorite colors. Inside you can put cushions, some toys and everything you need to make this refuge as welcoming as possible.

Climbing Area

Remember that Ninja Warrior TV show? The smaller and safer version of that would be the perfect playground for kids. Stimulating physical activity in children is essential to strengthening their immune system.

Therefore, to keep them fit and active, we suggest you create a sports area with different structures on which they can climb.

Of course, be sure to assemble everything in maximum safety, such as a rope with knots, a slide, a rock-climbing wall… Also, cover the area with grass or sand, to cushion any falls.

Hopscotch and Art

Regardless of the leading role that technology plays today, classic games for children never go out of style. If you want to create a playground in the garden, don’t forget to create a space that allows your children to play the hopscotch and draw around with chalk.

Take some simple spray paint and, if necessary, print the numbers or buy them as an adhesive. On the concrete draw, the area where the hopscotch will be played and you are done.

If you prefer, you can decorate the edges with grass, flowers or stones. Give your kids some chalk and let them decorate the area themselves. Let the concrete around hopscotch be their place to make art.

You can even make it from bricks and stone (like those used to make walkways). Just place them in the grass, making sure they are not placed loose, to avoid any accidents.

Make a See-saw

Old tires are made of a sturdy material that can be kept in the garden for a long time. By taking advantage of this, you can build a see-saw for your children to play together or with their friends.

You can even make a see-saw for one, and decorate it to resemble a pony. There are infinite tutorials online that will help you.

Blackboard in the Garden

As you have seen, there are so many nice ideas for creating a playground in the garden. A final alternative is the installation of a beautiful outdoor blackboard.

It will be very easy to fix it on a fence or a wall. Here, your child can indulge in drawing and coloring without any limits. In addition, this will prevent your house from getting dirty.

A Classic Wooden Swing

When you decide to create a playground in the garden, one of the first pastimes that will come to your mind, most likely, is the classic swing.

First of all, choose a solid board or another support that doesn’t endanger the safety of children. You can use a wooden board or a tire. To hang the swing, use ropes, as chains could be dangerous. Don’t forget to check those ropes every once in a while.

If you have a garden around your home or another outdoor space, we are confident that you can use these ideas to create a truly perfect playground for children. Remember to give utmost importance to safety and always check on your little ones when they do these activities.

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